When Dan Van met Gok Wan

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to go to a Simply Be event hosted by Gok Wan. It was my first Simply Be event and I am so happy to have finally met them!! What an hysterical evening. I fear I might of consumed a little too much alcohol though... Danie + a free bar = chaos.

Gok Wan produces a range of shape wear for Simply Be and you can have a peep at it here. The night was a celebration of said range and a chance for us to look at his latest pieces, mingle with the celebrity stylist, catch up with some other blogger beauties and drink the venue dry.....ahem.

The event was held in the beautiful Blue Rooms at Covent Garden Hotel and I had an absolutely amazing evening. I normally like to take a good selection of photos when I attend an event so I can blog about it in depth BUT seeing as I decided to drink my body weight in cocktails....I have rather a select amount to choose from and they aren't very good quality! My darling Callie has kindly given me some of hers and believe me...they are five thousand times better than mine are! I need a proper camera asap! Below you can see what I wore, how short I look next to Gok and how beautiful the other bloggers looked. I didn't even get any of the lingerie!! BAD BLOGGER!

Gok thought I was a filthy bitch, loved my huge necklace and I think he must of thought I was crazy by the end of the night... as he was leaving I have been told I shouted "Gok, call me!" Oh dear, Danie.

Anyway like I said, I had a fabulous evening and I am so thankful for the invite.

My dress was from Asos main range/ jacket - Tesco/bag - Topshop/flats - Newlook/gold chain - old Asos
Elena, the lovely Laura and myself before going into the event 
Demon eyes, my darling Elena and the absolutely fabulous Lorna 
Love this girl

Myself and the Mr. Gok Wan

The event room full to the rafters with blogger babes

Last but by no means least my darling Finnish Bitch, Hanna 


  1. You all look fabulous and the event looks like it was a lot of fun! :) I'm happy I found your new blog.

    -another Finnish bitch ;) -

    1. Oh thank you!! Im glad you have as well!!! X

  2. It was SO lovely to meet you! You're a bloody star. x

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