Smoked Chrome

Just a wee post showing the latest nail varnish to join my crew.
I have a few Estée Lauder varnishes and they are really very nice.

This particular one called 'Smoked Chrome' is so so lovely. The colour is really rich, there is a slight shimmer to it and I only needed one coat. When you apply it the varnish doesn't dry straight away giving you time to smooth over any ridges and create a nice flat finish.

Now I know that these varnishes apply so well I will definitely be buying some more shades in the future. I highly recommend these ladies! Take a look at the other colours they have here.

Not the neatest of paint jobs but it'll do! 

What do you think of this colour ladies?
I loveeee nail varnishes, you can never have enough! What are your fave brands?


  1. I know this makes me a cheap date but I actually really like Barry M because their colour range is so great. And expensive nail varnish doesn't seem to stay any longer on my nails than the cheapo stuff. One thing I really do adore though is grey nail polish, no matter who makes it, especially if it's matte.

    1. Ohh thats one of my fave brands as well! So well priced like you say and they keep bringing out the best colours and finishes! I love grey nail varnish as well! My fave is by Nails Inc and is called Thames xx


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