Do you have a fear of sheer?

It’s Friday and it’s wine o’clock.
I was trawling through my ever expanding wardrobe(s) and pulling out all sorts of things but nothing was catching my eye until I spotted my newish Pink Clove skirt. Black - check, gold - check, body con - check. In case you hadn’t seen all the hype about this new plus size brand; you should check them out. Lovely garments and great price points. Hurray for a new, decent place for us fatties to shop in!
The shirt is an old Forever21 purchase and I’ve worn it countless times. I’ve always worn it with vest top underneath or a crop top though…never just a bra. I thought you know what?! Screw wearing a vest top… it’s Friday, lets get my tits out.
So underneath I’m wearing my trusty Curvy Kate ‘Smoothie' bra and I feel liberated. Not sure if my local Devonshire pub is ready for a fat girl in a sheer top but hey ho off I go. 

Skirt - Pink Clove
Shirt - old Forever21
Boots - old Topshop
Necklaces - old Topshop
Have a good weekend guys, what are you all up to? 

*this post has been transferred from my old blog http://daniellevanier.tumblr.com


  1. Stunning! They won't know what's hit them!

    Hallie xx

  2. Oh no, I have no fear of sheer. I would even claim that I want to draw special attention on me in the moments, I'm wearing sheer shirts! But it's a garment, I'm wearing to special occasions only...


  3. I love me some sheer! But I have got a bit of crap for wearing it- The Torrid FB page ripped me apart in a sheer top!! But seriously, I love it, I feel hot in it and thats all the matters! Oh, and of course- you look smashing! xx

    1. Did they? FFS...trolls man, everywhere... they are awful on the Simplybe page as well!!! bet you look banging in sheer!!!! x x x

  4. Looking awesome! I must say I'm not sure I could pull that off but I'm happy you can! I love wearing sheer fabrics on "modest" places such as sleeves. :)

    Elena xx

    1. Sheer anywhere looks fab! Bet you look ace wearing it! And thank you for the nice comment xx

  5. Love how you've put all this together!
    I wore a sheer body suit with a skater skirt and a nice black bra into town recently...and bumped into some ex-students. It was a little embarrassing. They basically saw me in my bra.

    1. Oh damn! Never mind...Im sure you looked INCREDIBLE x x


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