A tart dressed in tartan.

This is the red tartan shirt that I have been after for some time now. I was talking to my friend, Karen about wanting one and on a recent shopping trip we were both on the look out for one. Karen told me about one in New Look that she had spotted and that she fancied buying one for herself if we spotted it.

We hit New Look and scoured the whole shop and we couldn't find it in there anywhere. On the way out I saw some red poking out from a 'Last chance' rail. It was the shirt she'd been telling me about and there was one left and it was in my size!!! It was fate, it was mine and I love it.

I'm sure you've seen me in this black ASOS Curve top a gazillion times but I love it and get so much wear out of it. The boots are a new purchase this season and they're really comfy. I bought them at the same time as my cut out ones from Office and I've not worn them as much as those ones but since it's getting a lot colder I think it's time for these ones to come out to play. Cut outs can leave your feet feeling a little icey!

Lashings of red lippy today, a new one for me as well. It's 'Clarins Red' by Clarins, a proper pillar box red, lots of pigment and a nice amount of shine to it.

Shirt - New Look main range (similar here)
Dress - old ASos Curve
Boots - Office
Bangles - Ebay
Earrings - Dalston Market
Lipstick - Clarins

What are you up to tonight guys? Staying in or are you off out?


  1. Wahou i love that ootd so much ! Youre lovely in it Danielle !

    1. Thank you :) really lovely of you to say xx

  2. I want that shirt so badly. It looks great on you and I love the whole outfit. Oh yeah...beautiful skin also.

    1. Aw thank you hunny! Its a fab colour isnt it!!! And my skin is thanks to lots of MAC makeup hehe x


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