A feminine touch.

I like mixing it up and today I fancied dressing like a ladyyyy. Well I sort of managed it…I ended up adding a pair of brogues to the outfit, but they’re rose gold and shiney so its ok.
The main reason I put todays outfit together was so I could wear the necklace shown below. I’ve wanted to wear it ever since I was sent it by the lovely ladies at You Earth Ash. I was given the opportunity to pick a piece from their collection and after having a peek at them online I was instantly drawn to the Agate Druzy range. 

What I like about this wee company is that it has only been up and running since the start of 2013 and that it was established by two University graduates. I like to see young people follow their dreams and turn their ideas into reality. The company is based in Sheffield and they create beautiful, intricate pieces using ethically sourced semi-precious stones from Brazil. 
You all know I LOVE gold jewellery so I opted for the *agate druzy necklace which is gold plated and on a 30 inch length chain. I love long pendants but I reckon in the future I might get a few of the Electro Quartz and Quartz Point necklaces on the shorter 18inch chains and wear them together. Oh, the rings….look at the rings!
Although I can honestly say I’ve never been interested in the healing properties of stones; I enjoyed finding out that Agates main healing properties are stabilising emotions, promoting courage and encouraging love. Firstly, I’m seriously up and down with my emotions at the moment so lets see if it helps me. Secondly, I do need courage. I’m in the midst of changing careers and coping with health issues. Thirdly….I’m single and I’m ok with that but I always welcome love. I can be a bit of a bitch sometimes as well so it might encourage me to be a bit more loving haha.
I highly recommend checking them out guys. They ship worldwide, their prices are veryyyy reasonable and each piece is unique to you. They can be found on InstagramTwitterFacebook and their website is easy to navigate and very tempting. *Slopes off to fill shopping cart with more goodies*

Tshirt - old New Look
Skirt - old Asos Curve
Brogues - old Newlook
Bag - old Topshop
Jacket - old River Island 

Let me know if you end up buying something from these guys..such a lovely little brand.

*this post has been transferred from my old blog http://daniellevanier.tumblr.com


  1. Holy Moly! I love the necklace and the outfit! You look positively radiant!!! xxx

  2. Love Love Love that skirt . . . xxx

  3. Oh! That necklace is prettttty! *runs off to check out the store*


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