Pink Clove Knitty Ballerina Wrap Dress Review

Some days I like to just wear one dress and not faff around with too many layers or separate items. I'm always on the look out for comfortable dresses that I can throw on and sprawl around the house in or dress up with a jacket and wear when I go out and about.

I spotted the Knitty Ballerina Wrap Dress on the Pink Clove site and decided to give it a go after I had seen Kim K in a gorgeous grey frock. It cost £30 which I feel is slightly on the pricier side of things for a basic but the quality of fabric is there and it is a very pretty basic.

I'm going to be totally honest and say that although it is a lovely dress, I'm not a fan of it on me. I've seen it on other girls, such as Gemma and think it looks lovely but I dunno... I just feel a little too mumsy in it. I do love the colour and the fact it has long arms but I'm not a fan of the fact you can see the seam running across my boob. Maybe a bigger size would get rid of that as I am indeed aware of how tight it all looks in the bazooka area.

I styled it with an old cream belt and earrings and my favourite brogues, nude lips, grey eyeshadow and big messy topknot.

Dress - Pink Clove
Brogues - old New Look
Bangle - gift
Earrings - old H&M
Lipstick - Apocalips in 'Shooting Star'
Nails - 'Smoked Chrome' by Estee Lauder

What do you reckon guys?  Do you like it or....?


  1. I love it!!! Really nice for a knock about day! xx

  2. I do like it – but the boob seam thing would really annoy me too!

  3. I think this looks really cute on you. A basic piece but easy to dress up or down :)


  4. Please don't take this the wrong way but you look a bazillion times better without the pout. I'd marry you if I could, trust.

    1. And I mean here in these pics where you're just naturally you.

    2. Well it's a good thing that I do not care for your opinion then isn't it ;)

    3. I wasn't being disrespectful it was a mere observation coupled with a slight and ever so light twinge of lust. But my opinion doesn't matter even though you've made a blog which in essence is set up to spark debate.

      The saddest thing about PS bloggers is that you all start out so pure in your intent. A dedication to show that the superficial stick thin world isn't the only way a woman can look good. But sadly most become evolve into becoming the very thing they set out to fight, superficial. Which is why anything they perceive as even a slight criticism is dismissed. Truth be told Danielle you look like two different people with and without the troutmouth BS Here in this purple dress you look like you lol with the trout I can barely recognize you. One love!

    4. Hello, Anonymous. Here's a newsflash: plus sized bloggers are not a monolith. Furthermore neither are slim-to -average-sized bloggers. Personally, I started my blog to inspire other plus-sized women and engage with like minded spirits about things that matter to me. I didn't set out to bash skinny women or go into competition with them and, while I wouldn't presume to speak for Danielle, I'd be most surprised if you found any of those sentiments expressed here either. When a blogger objects to some random, drive-by pillock saying they'd tap that it doesn't make her superficial; it makes her discerning.

  5. You look amazing in that dress, and I freakin' love all of your accessories!


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