Weekends with people you love

I currently live in the beautiful county of Devon, in my family home, with my parents.  Now, this is not ideal as I am 27 years old and from the ages of 18 - 26 I lived and worked in London and that is where I feel my life is based.  I moved home to Devon last year due to a condition I suffer with and I needed to quit my job, move home, sort myself out a bit and re group as it were.  I am ever so thankful for the fact I was able to move back home with my parents and that our house is a beautiful place to live BUT I miss my London lifestyle and also my pre- illness lifestyle as well.  I'm not going to go into to much detail about my condition at this stage as I don't really want to dwell on it too much but my life is 100% different to how it was 2/3 years a go and this sometimes gets me very down.

What helps me stay positive is my exceptional friends.  I'm lucky that I get to pop back to London once or twice a month but when I can't, my friends book a train and come to visit me.  They call it Hotel Vanier and I know they get just as much joy from coming here as I do having them!  We take time out together to catch up, laugh, cry, swim in my pool with plastic glasses of prosecco, dance around to music, go shopping, go dancing, go for walks and go for lovely pub lunches.

On this occasion 5 of my girls came to stay and I had a lovely time with them.  Here's a peek at my weekend, what I got up to and what I wore.  I hope you had a good weekend guys.

Antique hunting in a local village called Honiton
Outfit details:
Tshirt dress - Asos Curve
Jacket - old Tesco
Bag - H&M
Studded boots - old Topshop

My antique finds of the day
Gaggle of girls

Sunday walk and lunch time 

What I wore on Sunday for a walk by the Estuary and pub lunch.
Skirt - Topsy Curvy
Peter pan collar top - old H&M
Boots - Office
Cardigan - old Tesco



  1. I want to come and play at Hotel Vanier!

    You all look beaut!


    1. You are welcome to come my darling, would love to have you here xxx

  2. Now that's a hotel I'd like to visit, and a group of friends I'd like to meet. You look awesome (all of you), and I'm so glad to hear you have such an amazing support system. We all need that in our lives. xx

    1. Thank you my dear, yep they are all super classy and stylish some of my most favourite people in the whole world. xxx

  3. D'you know what? You're becoming more and more of a style guru to me, absolutely love your style. You always look so gorgeous, and more importantly happy and all round lovely xx

    1. Bloody ell love, SO nice of you. I'm honoured you think that way and so glad that I inspire you. xxx

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