LFW SS18 Day 1 - Outfit

As you all know, I love fashion and London Fashion Week couldn't have come at a better time because I was in a huge fashion rut and I needed to switch things up desperately. 

Cue my LFW Day 1 outfit. 

In the lead up to fashion week I made some mood boards and read up on lots of SS18 print/fabric/fashion trend predictions. A particular print trend that caught my attention was a Cubist, primary colour-esque trend. Think Abstract/Expressionist Art, Mondrian stripes and all things red, yellow and blue. 

A trip to Marks and Spencer's and ASOS gifting suites meant I was fully kitted out for this season and boy did I pick up some goodies. My outfit for Day 1 started with this incredible mustardy, goldy velvet pleated skirt. I've styled a pleated skirt in a variety of ways here on my blog (see this post and this post) but I feel like I went wild with this look. I can't wait to wear this with roll necks, fine knit jumpers, thick tights, trainers and tee's...it's definitely got endless possibilities.

Another emerging trend that has already hit the highstreet is the 80's. This extreme sleeve tiger top took me right back to the 80s with it's balloon shoulders and split sleeves. The colour and print are so vibrant and the top was definitely a conversation starter throughout the day I tell ya! I loveeeeeee the clash of this tiger print with the leopard print on my over size clutch bag

I have a pair of patent red boots which I will show you in a future outfit post BUT these suede red boots (not available online yet but they are in store) caught my eye because of the low heel and the fact I knew they would be comfy as they're from M&S. I was right guys... they were amazingly comfy and I was on my feet all day in them!! 

                                                                                                                         Photography by Adorngirl 

LFW day 1...and, all of LFW SS18 in fact was very chilled. I spent the morning with my fave, Kellie from NYC, caught a few shows and chilled at The Apartment (an amazing influencer hangout space) 
My fave show was Globelle by Nelly Rose, a presentation that my friend Kitty Cowell modelled in. I felt super proud watching her strut her stuff. 

Shop my LFW Look

1. *Velvet Skirt | 2. *Printed Top | 3. *Red Boots from M&S available in store | 4. Red Sunglasses  here | 

One of the highlights of the day was shooting with Ashanti (Adorngirl) and we came up with a plan to shoot some fashion look books for youtube! I've wanted to do this for a long, long time so watch this space!

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I just want to dress like my thin friends.

As a plus size woman, are you still putting limits on yourself when it comes to fashion and the choices you make in regards to dressing yourself/expressing your personality? If you are...please, please try and put a stop to it. As plus size women, we have enough limitations placed upon us. We get told off for wearing certain things, we get shamed in the magazine 'Do's & Don'ts' columns and half the time we dress in a way that isn't even how we'd truly like to dress!

One of my biggest issues is the fact we are still so limited to the amount of great, fashionable pieces available to us. There's no denying the fact, we've come a long way but, I JUST WANT TO DRESS LIKE MY THIN FRIENDS! 

I personally make it a mission of mine every week to find cool, minimal pieces online/in store and let me tell you; it's tricky! Need some ruffles...you're sorted. Need a ditsy print dress...you're sorted. Need a pair of bland, denim skinny jeans...you're sorted!

Where are all the Scandinavian inspired pieces? I love wearing all those things I've just listed, BUT I also want to look like Sweden has just thrown up on me. Think minimal, tailored, relaxed cuts, over size options, crisp cotton pieces, hardware fastenings, muted colour palettes... I want it allllllllll!


Does anyone else agree with me when I say that they aren't able to dress 100% how they would like to? One thing I know is that I would dress SO different if I actually had the clothes available to me in my size. There are a lot of brands out there trying but I just want them to try harder!

Often, the fit is terrible, the designs are an after thought and don't get me started on the fact so many plus ranges still only go up to a 24/3XL.

I will keep being adventurous, trying things that aren't "meant for me" and getting creative when it comes to styling/wearing smaller sizes... I just wish we had the same options as everyone else...


1. White shirt also available in plus size here | 2. Jeans | 3. Bag | 4. Earrings | 5. Trainers 

I found this amazing sleeveless shirt in the Tall section but I am happy to report they have just bought it out in the plus size range as well...more of this please!

Fab Photographs by JKGPhotography 

What items do you still long for in larger sizes?

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It's time to reignite your love of leopard print

When I think of leopard print, I think of Carmen Miranda, Barbara Streisand and Shania Twain...three babes from back in the day, known for rocking this classic print, amazingly well. Most of us have owned something covered in leopard print, it's a timeless print after all and it resurfaces time and time again on the catwalks.

Hands up if you're like me though and you used to be obsessed with it but you've not worn it in ages? Back in the day, I had leopard print dresses, bags, boots and stationary and it felt like a really 'Danie' print. I think I over did it though and I stopped wearing it after a while. I felt like I was becoming too dependant on a leopard print/black/gold wardrobe - it was time to move on.

Fast forward to SS17 and I keep noticing the print once more. My eye keeps being drawn to tonnes of  wardrobe staples, covered in the sassy print and when I saw this maxi skirt...well, I had to have it!

If you need a gentle push into incorporating leopard print back into your wardrobe; here's an edit of my current fave leopard pieces.

Outfit Inspo

Accessories Inspo

Style Tips 

1) Leopard print is one of THE BEST prints to use if you are interested in mixing your prints! Really go for it and wear leopard print and florals or even classic stripes.

2) Mix and match the scale of your leopard print - Wear the same print but in different scales/colourways.

3) Too nervous to try a leopard print garment; dip your toe into the trend and try a bag or pair of shoes.

Photographs by JKGPhotographs

Shop my outfit 

1. Skirt | 2. *T-shirt - a gift from New Look PR Team | 3. Earrings | 4. Trainers 
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Forget culottes, it's all about the wide leg trousers

Guys, I'm not sure where the sun has gone but in the last few weeks I've had to put the culottes away and replace them with full length trousers. I'm not too angry though as look at them; they're kind of great, right? 

I recently spent the day with Elvi where I styled two beautiful ladies as part of a competition. These wide leg trousers were one of the pieces I was able to use and I instantly fell in love with them. I am big on pleats, as you can see from this post and this post and I love that these trousers are a different colour to the usual black/grey/blue that we are normally subjected to. Rust/burnt tobacco is such a sexy colour. It is SO underrated and I need more of this colour in my life. 

Wide leg trousers are an excellent go-to if you're sick of your jeans or skirts. A half way house between a maxi skirt and a trouser and my god are they breezy! I like that no one needs to know whats going on under the trousers and you can just swish, swish (bish) past everyone.

Wide leg trousers are so easy to style! Here are some of the ways I plan on styling them:

1) Wear with a platform heel for serious 70's glamour.
2) Add a roll neck jumper and leather jacket when it starts to get even colder.
3) Dress down with a slogan tee and Adidas Superstars.


1. *Wide Leg Trousers | 2. *Top | 3. Sunglasses | 4. Clutch Bag | 5. Trainers - (now on sale!) | 6. Earrings - (sold out, but look at these beauties)

I felt really quite elegant in this outfit and I'm making a mental note of this warm, rusty colour palette because I need to wear more of this combination - it made me feel really happy! I love the pops of colour that come from the waistband on the trousers and my fave sunglasses.

Do you ladies like wide leg trousers or are they a new style for you? 

Photographs by JKGPhotography 
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