Dressing up VS the Dressing Gown

I have two aesthetics. I am either full on glam, face made up to the max, hair *kinda* neat looking, and styled within an inch of my life OR I look feral, in some mix-matched lounge wear, covered in drool from where I still suck my thumb; god I wish I could stop! 

Is anyone else with me? I feel like there's no in-between. I have always worn a full face of makeup and I think I've mostly done this after watching my Mum do it for years. I always go out, looking made up and it's just the way I've always functioned and felt happiest. 

I work from home a lot and in the past I aways used to apply a full face of makeup even if I was just sitting in. It made me feel ready for the day ahead but my god, what a waste of makeup! In the last year since becoming best mates with a dressing gown I was gifted on a press trip, my love of lounge wear and a fresh face has really excelled. I now love cleansing my face as usual in the morning, but leaving it bare and going about my day. I've even been known to pop to the local shops without a scrap of make up on...go me ey!

The reason I thought I'd share this with you all is because THIS DRESS is literally the comfiest thing I've worn and I'd go as far as saying it's like putting on a glam dressing gown. I look respectable and well turned out yet every time I wear this dress I feel like I'm swaddled in my thick dressing gown. To keep things easy, I did a really simple (for me) face of make up and threw on these super comfy, wide fit heels.


Photographs by JKGPhotography 

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1. *Dress | 2. *Wide Fit Heels 

Voila Ladies! With a dress like this, you don't need to decide which vibe you prefer. Just grab yourself a Dressing Gown Dress and go!

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SS17's Hottest Colour: Yellow

Ok, so yellow was not a colour I would have previously worn, but since wearing a gorgeous yellow trench at LFW (see previous outfit post here) I have started a mini love affair with colour. 

I see yellow as an optimistic shade. Sunshine, spring, it's mood enhancing really.

It can be a tricky colour to style but in my opinion; you can't go wrong with the classic yellow, navy and grey combo. Fancy trying this bright and beautiful shade this spring; here's a look at some of my favourite yellow pieces available on the high street now.

Keep shining this spring & add some yellow to your wardrobe

Click right for more items --->

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The Dressed Down Bodycon

There was a time, I lived in bodycon dresses. They were my fave style and it was one of the few styles that plus size stores pushed on us. Fifties prom dresses or bodycon dresses... that was your lot! Thankfully, the shops are moving with the times and we have a vast array *slight exaggeration* of styles to choose from now a days. Over the years I became a lot more experimental with my dress shapes and the bodycon took a back seat.

I've spent years ignoring tight, figure hugging dresses because I wore them to death but then I spotted this fish net LBD and thought that it had the perfect mix of sass and sex. I've had this dress a few months (sadly it is out of stock now) and have worn it with heels and a clutch for a night out but my favourite way to wear it is exactly like I have done in this outfit post...

Add a bomber jacket, denim shirt or jacket tied round the waist.
Bung your hair up in a pony tail.
Slip on your comfiest trainers 

I love tying this Fish Net Jacket around my waist as I love the mix of double mesh/fishnet and the fact I can wear my granny pants, that show VPL and no one would know!

Photographs by JKGPhotography

Shop My Fave Little Black Bodycon Dresses

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- Day 4 of London Fashion Week -

Waking up refreshed in the Hilton Bankside was an absolute joy. It definitely made it easier to face the busy day ahead. I have to admit, considering the amount I had done all weekend; I still had some umph in me. I think it's because I was enjoying myself SO much. I laughed non stop for the entirety of LFW, I was surrounded by fashion and just living my best life really!

[ I've seen a number of articles and blog posts suggesting that plus size girls/men shouldn't attend LFW and that there is no place for people like us at London Fashion Week. I could discuss this for hours but all I'm simply going to say on this is; that is a load of bollocks. Just because I happen to have more fat on my body than the average person and just because the clothes being shown don't fit my body; whose to say I can't experience the excitement and thrill of LFW. I have worked in the fashion industry since I left University of the Arts and I know my sh*t when it comes to fashion. I live for it. I'll proudly take up space on the FROW for as long as I like. ]

I started the day by shooting my outfit with Comb, just outside the hotel I was staying in. I then headed into central to get my hair done at the Apartment by PRIV and have my makeup touched up by Bare Minerals. I have to say, the hair and makeup girls at this years Apartment Influencer Hangout were incredible. Professional yet super fun and a joy to be around.

I attended shows all day and once we were done a group of us headed to Carnaby Street. A quiet few drinks turned into drunken ping pong matches, watching men break dancing on tables, an impromptu *and very pricey* tuc tuc ride into Soho followed by a very late night dancing the night away.

It's safe to say, I didn't manage Day 5 of London Fashion Week! I was broken by this point haha!
Until next season, it's been a pleasure.

Photography by Comb at the Apartment

Here's what I wore...

Before having my hair braided, my hair was wild and if I'm honest with you; rather greasy! I felt so much better about my look once my hair was done. I put this outfit together at the last minute and I think it's actually my favourite of the whole weekend. As with all my looks, I felt comfortable all day,  I had very comfy feet and I love all the different layers of colour.

Shop My Look

1. *Mustard Trench Coat / 2. *Embroidered Kimono | 3. *Grey Knot Sweater | 4. *Blue Wide Leg Trousers 5. *Trainers c/o of the Apartment | 6. Grey handbag similar here

What do you think? Which outfit of mine has been your favourite from LFW AW17

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