A range at ASOS perfect for plus size women.

We all know that ASOS Curve is one of the leading plus size retailers. The clothes are on point, the variety is impressive and generally fit and quality is pretty damn good. I find shopping on ASOS scarily easy! Before I know it, theres 5 things in my basket and bamn I've just spent £100 on clothes. I'm guessing a number of you are sitting there nodding your heads in agreement?! 

I am pretty proud to say that I am one of the go to plus size bloggers when it goes to finding new brands/ranges that are plus size friendly. I have introduced a lot of people to Isolated Heros, Monki, COS and the focus for todays post; ASOS White.

ASOS White

is a range at ASOS which runs from size 4 - 18. The premium collection is made up of amazing silhouettes, edgy shapes and cuts and the most amazing fabrics. Prices start at approx £35 and go up to £150+. The reason I am explaining all this is because although the sizes only go up to an 18, I have found many of the pieces are plus size friendly.

I spotted ASOS white about two years ago and bought an oversize denim jacket but it wasn't until last year that I really payed it any attention. My wardrobe is now full of ASOS White pieces and I want to show you one of my most recent purchases in todays post.

Photographs by JKGPhotography

ASOS White: The Fit

I am a UK 22 in dresses and I bought a size 16 in this dress (sadly out of stock). It is trial and error when trying this range and I suggest buying multiple sizes to see what fits you. I don't know how this range would suit a lady size 26+ but it is definitely worth experimenting! As with any range, try things on...you never know what might work for your shape! I find the jersey pieces and the over size shirts work best on plus size figures, the more tailored/fitted pieces/denim doesn't work as well but each piece is different so give things a try!


Shop my look

1. Dress - out of stock | 2. Jacket - out of stock Monki, similar here | 3. Earrings - out of stock, Mango | 4. *Trainers 

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5 Slogan Tees You Need

Photograph by JKGPhotography 

What's that you say? You're not into slogan tees? Well I'm here to change your mind. Spring's hippest trend means we're letting our tee's do all the talking.

I have always loved a slogan tee, especially ones with retro prints or illustrations on them. Remember this one I wore to London Fashion Week shown below?

Photograph by Comb

I love hunting for oversize T-shirts, stuffed at the back of vintage shops. I ferret in the mens section and there's always a gem hidden amongst the classic KISS or Guns and Roses tops.

I recently bought this cute Stay Zen slogan tee from Monki. Illustrated by talented designer, Camilla Engstrom; I love the message behind the whole collection. In her range, Camilla focuses on the importance of self love and to be honest, I think that's a pretty cool topic to promote! [I am wearing the XL in this style and I normally wear a UK size 20 in tops]

Check out my top 5 slogan tee's, let me know which one you like...I think there's one for everyone in this selection.

1. Monki

Starting off with another tee from the Camilla Engstrom X Monki collection. The 'Stay Zen' T-shirt appears to be out of stock in XL but this one is still available in the largest size. Snap it up before it goes! I love Camilla's self love illustrations and it's so nice to wear a tee with a girl on it that looks like me!

2. ASOS Mens

I recently bought this Outcast T-shirt and bought it in a 4XL. It's nice and baggy and perfect for wearing tucked into skirts or with some 90s ripped denim! I love a good band tee and always snap up the hip hop ones. 

3. Forever 21+

In a foul mood and don't fancy talking to anyone? Just wear this 'No Comment' top and everyone will know whatsup! I love this small slogan, perfect for someone who is a slogan virgin!

4. New Look Curves

Combining slogans with the layered mesh trend. Pick up this bargain T-shirt and kill two trends with one tee! Wear with Mom Jeans or over a 90's slip dress and boots.

5. ASOS Mens Plus Size 

If you haven't browsed the ASOS Mens Plus Size range then you bloody well should. Lots of cool items, including these retro print, branded tee's. Loving the springtime pastel shade and would look perfect worn with grey joggers and white trainers. 



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Just wear what you want mate

Ever worn something, someone's commented on your outfit (in a negative way) and then that outfit/garment seems less special and your mood is altered for the day?

Someone made a negative comment about this jacket when I wore it on my 31st and it knocked me for a whole 30 seconds and then I thought; screw you, I'll wear what I want! It's a stunning jacket, how I styled the outfit was KILLER and I looked damn good!

I've been wearing this kimono non stop and I hope you like how I styled it in this post. Wearing head to toe Elvi - The Hayley Hasselhoff Collection

When I choose the clothing I do, I choose it because I like it, it makes me feel good, it makes me feel confident and I personally love to stand out. Why does it matter if someone else thinks differently? They don't have to wear it! 

A very simple thought for the day guys...wear what you want and wear it with pride.

Photographs by JKGPhotography


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Nautical Vibes for Spring - Groundbreaking.

When I lived in Sweden, for some reason I became OBSESSED with wearing nautical inspired looks and pretty much lived in blue, white, red, tan, stripes... you know the usual suspects. I bought a few dresses from Beyond Retro (the branch in Stockholm is SO good if you ever get the chance to have a browse) and it just escallated from there. I remember telling my friend, Maria that this was how I was going to dress forever. Well, as you can tell it didn't last forever... not even a year but I did give it a good go guys. 

Fast forward a few years and apart from wearing the odd Breton stripe I actually wear one pretty much every week , I feel like I've completely neglected this trend. So, without further ado, here is a cute nautical inspired look, fit for St Tropez or Margate!

I shot so many looks with my photographer, Jade yesterday and I feel like my fashion mojo is back! I've been a little uninspired recently and this outfit has certainly reinforced the fact that you should call on past loves to help inspire you again. I had forgotten all about my love of nautical and just wearing this very classic combo has made me feel very confident and super sassy again.

If you're feeling uninspired, reach for the photo albums or scroll wayyyyy back on your instagram. Find a pic from back in the day, one where you felt like a queen and reinvent that look. 

Ta Ta for now, I'm off to find a man with a yacht.

Photographs by JKGPhotography 


1. Skirt | 2. Bardot Shirt | 3. Handbag | 4. Vans | 5. Lipstick in shade 'Bang Bang' | 6. *False Lashes 

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