Wide Fit Friendly Trainers

 Everyone loves a trainer right?... Wrong! I didn't wear trainers for years and years because I didn't think any would be suitable for my chunky "pork chop feet" (My Dads loving nickname for me haha). I wear standard trainers for sport but always steered clear of fashion trainers. Fast forward to 2017 and whilst writing this post, I am lovingly looking over at my growing trainer collection and I can't believe I ignored this style of shoe for so long.

Now, my feet aren't massively wide but they are wider than average and I either wear a size 5 or a 6. I find that I pretty much always buy shoes from the wide fit section (New Look, Asos, River Island being my faves) but the below non-wide fit trainers and flats also work perfectly for me and I thought I'd share as I know a lot of you also have chunky paws.

I LOVE Vagabond shoes and have a vast amount of boots, flats and trainers from this Swedish shoe brand. If you haven't, give Vagabonds a try; I think you'll be suitably impressed. 

These are sooooooo comfy and I know a few guys and gals with wide fit who love this style. Try the classics or one of their newest styles like the 'Adidas Superstar Bold' (shown in the top photo) and let me know what you think.

Now this really surprised me as I'd always imagined Converse to be very narrow fitting but they are so roomy! I've had to size down in my pair of Cons and I have plenty of room still. I am 30 and I'd never owned any before, now I've got 3 pairs and counting... oops! 

Back to Adidas with these but I am fast becoming an Adidas girl and even though I've started off with the classic styles; I'll definitely be trying the newer styles in the future. The Gazelles come up slightly smaller than the Superstars but they are still just as comfy.

Are there any non-wide fit trainers that you love and you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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Valentine's Day Gifts... and not a love heart in sight.

Everyone's favourite Hallmark holiday is nearly upon us and whilst chocolates and roses are nice; they can be a teeny bit cliche this time of year. Not that I'm jealous of anyone who might get these things of course lol lol lol I'm fineeeeeeeee being single!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner (February 14th if you need reminding) I thought I'd put together a little selection of gifts suitable for yourself, your gf, bf, best mate or postman - who ever deserves a bit of love! Why not treat your loved one(s) to a little pressie and watch their eyes light up for a minute or two before they come back down to earth and remember that Trump is President of the United States.  

1. Date Night Cook Book - Need some dinner inspiration? Check this book out for heaps of easy, yummy recipes perfect for your next, at home date night.

2. Diptyque Eau Rose Eau De Toilette - Diptyque gifts are forever a favourite of mine. The scents and packaging are to die for and you'll really make your loved one feel special with this Rose scented perfume!

3. Mirror and USB Battery Pack - I met a girl recently who had one of these and I thought it was soooooooo good! I'm treating myself to one as it'll be perfect for London Fashion Week.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera - Make memories with this cool, tan coloured instant camera.

5. Selfish Mother Super Human Jumper - Know anyone that deserves this? I can think of a few people that this would suit! 

6. Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur - Ginnnnnnn....yummmmmmm......need I say more?

7. Orla Kiely Cake Tins - Is your loved one a serious cake addict? Grab these tins which serve as beautiful pieces of home decor as well as practical cake houses.

8. Tom Ford For Men Eau De Toilette - I am obsessed with Tom Ford's 'Black Orchid' and I also think this is another great unisex fragrance from the fashion powerhouse himself.

9. Kate Spade New York Pencil Pouch - Love Kate Spade but on a budget? I love this "cheaper" pencil pouch. Grrrrrr, you can't beat a bit of leopard print as well. 

10.  Mr Natty Beard Brush - Does his beard need a good grooming? Grab this bargain brush! 

11. The Artistry Strap Balcony Bra - Sexy Lingerie is always a winner on Valentines Day. I love this strappy bra.

12. BFF Necklace - Cute, Classic and perfect for your bestie. I love these old school pieces of jewellery.

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My Everyday Outfit

Each week I post outfits that feature new as well as previously worn items. As much as I love showcasing whats 'New In', I also wear my clothes numerous/hundreds of times, I wear second hand items and vintage treasures and if you're anything like me; you have a few outfits you love wearing, in rotation at any one time.

As a fashion obsessed girl, I love treating myself to new bits *maybe a little too often* and I make no secrets of the fact I am forever grateful that brands and PR's send me items but I don't wear a new outfit everyday of the week and I think it's important to make you all aware of that. I also make sure that what ever I wear here on my blog, is an outfit I would actually wear whilst being out and about. It seems ridiculous for me to have to say that, but I feel that some bloggers just post outfits for the sake of getting attention/likes/retweets and it doesn't feel authentic. I like to follow bloggers/influencers that you can tell actually live in their clothes and that they haven't removed 5 mins after their photographer has shot them.

We all have wardrobe staples such as roll necks, jeans, shirts, leather jackets and trainers and I for one live in my staples. They are those fail safe items that you can rely on day in, day out. Wardrobe staples don't have to be boring though, just because you live in these items; it doesn't mean they have to be drab or frumpy!

One of my go to outfits this AW is this Maxi Skirt, Roll Neck, Leather Jacket and Trainer combo. If you follow me on social media I am sure you will have noticed that I wear this outfit to death! Well, here it is in all its glory and I hope you enjoy!

Photographs by JKGPhotography


1. Maxi Skirt / 2. Roll Neck Jumper / 3. Leather Jacket similar here / 4. Adidas Superstar Bold Trainers / 5. Handbag similar here / 6. Glasses 

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Big Box, Little Box: Styling Matching Prints

Have a think for me... What's your favourite print? Would you wear it head to toe? If the answer is yes; you might love this outfit and if the answer is no; this outfit might help to inspire you to think differently.

I used to wear prints all the time but in the last year I have definitely opted for plain fabrics over printed ones. I still love and admire them but I have to LOVE a print if it's going to make it onto my body.

As you can tell from one of my previous posts - 'Printed Co-Ords for the Win', when I do wear prints; they tend to be in your face and bold! Another way I like to style print is by wearing the same print, head toe but in slightly different ways.

I spotted this oversize jumpsuit online [on sale now!] and was attracted to it because of it's simplicity. I am really enjoying fuss free dressing at the moment and who doesn't like wearing something that resembles a onesie?! I love loungewear and with the amount of options on the market now; you can definitely get away with wearing it out and about. Comfort is key!

When wearing the same print head to toe, there are a few things you might like to think about before taking the matchy matchy plunge.

Here are a few tips you might like to try:

1. Pick one dominate print and one accent print

2. Scale is important. Switch it up and wear big, medium and small scale prints together.

3. Same print but in different fabric qualities works really well.

4. Invert the colours. Same print inverted looks so cool!


1. Jumpsuit on sale! | 2. Bomber Jacket | 3. Sandals sold out | 4. Bag on sale! 

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