Simply Be SS14 Press Day

An invite to the SimplyBe SS14 Press Day landed in my inbox and I instantly knew I had to get up to London and check out what it is they have in store for us all. 

I have A LOT of time for SimplyBe. Until this year I hadn't shopped with them at all but the more blogs I read and the more bloggers I interacted with; the more SimplyBe garments I saw and loved. I was very late to the party but I haven't looked back since. They offer SO many cool plus size items. There is something for everyone and currently I have about 15,000 things on my wish list!

The press day didn't disappoint. I met my girl Hanna at The Gallery at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden and we went inside. Cue outfit shots in front of the entrance!

Dress - SimplyBe
Coat - old River Island
Boots - old Topshop
Bag - old Topshop
Earrings - Dalston Market
Ring - old Topshop
The show room was lovely and bright and decorated in a lovely way. Fresh flowers and Yankee Candles were the perfect addition to the room.
Pastries, Prosecco and other nibbles were on offer. YUM.
Hanna and I. My Finnish Bitch.

A crisp, clean, white selection of garments looked really nice and sophisticated. My fave piece was this oversized jumper above. 
Check those beauties out. I LOVE the pink! 
This selection of chambray and denim was amazing. Some really different garments and I especially love the hooded denim jacket with a draw string belt.
Aztec prints are not normally my thing BUT I'm in love with this top.
A darling tea dress covered in daisies.
Of course I gravitated to the animal print area. WANT.
Obsessed with these shoes. I need to buy them and love and and wear them heaps.
Don't get me started on this coat (£50) ... It is totally perfect and I can't wait to get my hands on one.
PERFECT striped waffle jersey top for £35 and skirt for £30
A super cool biker style dress for £65. Love it.

Perfect springtime undies.
This jungle section was so good. Heaps of amazing prints.
A fabbbbulous pair of printed trousers for £28. OH MY. I hope they do a matching jacket!!
Beachwear prints on point.

I thought this kaftan was really nice. Perfect for summer holidays. I miss summer!
I finished off the day by getting my nails done whilst Hanna got eyelashes done.
I am looking forward to 2014 even more now after attending this press day and I may end up being very, very poor but after buying all this... at least I'll look fabulous.

What has caught your eye?


  1. Oh faaaaack, I want everything. End. Of.

  2. The beach wear prints HOMIGOD... want :)

    1. SO amazing right? I love all the bright prints! x x

  3. OMG! I want everything! Specially that biker dress, aztec print everything, all white items and those cute-as-fuck pink heels. Oh my! My mom wont approve of me cursing but how can I not?

    Stay fabulous!


    1. I know! Me too....it was such a good press day. I was just walking round with my mouth open. Other Plus soze clothing companies should take note!!! x x x x x

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  5. that white top is JUST like one i saw in Zara earlier this year. Love it!! Never looked on simply B before. Think i may have to give it ago now . . .


    1. Yes you deffo should...its winning for me over asks curve at the moment x x

  6. Want, want, want those lingerie sets! I really, really hope they have some gorgeous retro-style bikinis in the works too :)

  7. Love this post, i want everything too, i know where my money will be going in the next few months lol xx

    1. Thank you!
      I know....my bank balance is already crying!!!! x x

  8. OH MY... that white top... those trousers... I NEED THESE NOW... poor bank balance lol x

    1. They were my faves as well! Super cool! x x


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