Getting shirty.

I have pinched this outfit post from my old blog, I hope you don't mind? I thought I would start to transfer over a few of my most recent, favourite posts.

I had forgotten about this dress until my beautiful friend Olivia messaged me and asked me for sizing advice as she was planning on buying a similar one from ASOS.

When I put it on I remembered that the last time I wore it I wanted to hack the bottom off it and make it a little shorter.  I also remembered thinking the sleeves were too long as well.  It’d be a shame to shorten them because you’d loose some of the print, but meh…it’s gotta happen.  You cant really see in the picture below but the back hem is longer and I really don’t like it. 
I cant sew for shit so i’ll have to take it to my alterations lady.  She’s super nice though and her prices are reasonable and her work is spot on.
I really recommend that you find a tailor/seamstress that you can trust and that you have a good relationship with.  Eileen, knows me inside out and knows what I mean when I say I want the “dress length to be a bit more slaggy” or “this is too booby, away with the boobiness”
I teamed the shirt dress with my rose gold brogues, stacked bangles, chunky necklace and goldy/bronzey makeup. 

Shirt - ASOS Curve
Brogues - old Newlook
Bangles - gifts
Necklace - old Topshop 


  1. '..a bit more slaggy' - Brilliant!


  2. I've admired this shirt dress on ASOS lots of times, but never made the leap. Now I wish I had! Looks sexy as!

  3. I should have grabbed this dress.. DAMN. I can't sew for shit either.


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