The OneOneThree AW13 collection. My first styling job.

What an honour to help style such a fab plus size brand.

OneOneThree run by the lovely Najma and Keenen is a small independent fashion design label with a focus on edgy, young, fashionable garments. Their mission is to produce clothes that are fashionable. When I speak to Najma, the designer she is clear about the fact she wants us fat ladies to be able to wear the types of clothing that are accessible to everybody else.

With two successful collections under their belt it was important that their AW13 lived up to expectations. In my opinion, it has.

I went to the OneOneThree studio to have a look at their pieces and I was instantly excited. From talking to the girls and getting my hands on the items I knew instantly how I wanted to style the shoot. I discussed my ideas with them and they were on board with everything I said. I left buzzing and my head was spinning with ideas of accessories that we should get our hands on and how we should do the models hair/makeup.

After a week of getting accessories together and finalising plans we met on the day before the shoot for a model fitting and a hair and makeup trial. We planned out how each model should look, who should wear what and how their hair and makeup should look.

The shoot itself was hectic! We had a lot to do in a short amount of time. Hair and makeup buckled down straight away and starting getting the models ready from the neck up. It was my job to then get them sorted from the neck down!

Each model had to be told what they were wearing and with what accessories and I helped get some of them into the more trickier garments/accessories.

Below shows you some of the accessories I took/we bought for the shoot! Bold, chunky, in your face accessories. 

Once I had got the models into their outfits, chosen their accessories for them and directed the hair and makeup artist with what looks we wanted next; it was time to shoot!

Fuelled by some pizza and lots of juice we then stayed in the studio for a good few hours shooting each of the models.

I really enjoyed directing the models and suggesting to them what sort of poses they should do. Najma, Keenan and I gave the models direction, viewed the photos on the camera with the photographer before we moved onto the next look.

Here are a few shots from behind the scenes of the shoot. The models look so good doing their thing!

As you can see from the above photos we had a "no fucks given" kind of vibe to the shoot. We wanted the models to look fierce and hopefully you will agree with me that that is what we achieved. 

Below are some of the final shots from the day and you can visit the OneOneThree site to see these garments in all their glory! They are for sale and I am excited to get my hands on some of them! 

Use code 'sowhat10' to get 10% of your purchase. 

What are your favourite pieces from the collection? Do you like the vibe of it and be honest with me, what do you think of the styling?


  1. Omg that jewellery is so you! Bangin job babe, this brand looks amazeballs <3

  2. This is exactly what we need! While if I'm completely honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable in a lot of the things, I'd also like to rock the hell out of some others! It's just nice to know it's out there and that our only choice isn't tent sized tops. I like that they are not playing it safe at all. Great styling too, fitted the looks perfectly.


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