Bra reviews - Featuring M&S, Curvy Kate and Sculptresse.

I have big tits and those tits need to be supported well. This blog post will look at four bras I have recently acquired and what I like/dislike about all of them. Enjoy.

I'd like to add, before I start that I am not a lingerie blogger so excuse my lack of proper terminology... I just know what I like and how I like my breasts to look/feel in a bra.

First up is this Perfect Fit T-Shirt Bra from M&S. The sizes run from a 32 DD - 40G and I bought this yesterday in my local M&S in a size 38G. I didn't actually try it on before taking it home but I am really very happy with how it fits. The cup is a full cup and doesn't give me much of a cleavage but I don't tend to want too much of a cleavage when I wear a T-shirt bra. I chose black but you can buy it in white and cream. I like the slightly padded cup but obviously I'm not after a bra that makes me look like I have bigger tits as I am quite happy with the amount I've been dished out! The lace scalloping detail on the bottom is pretty and the although it has a lace trim on top, when I tried it on under neath a T-shirt, it didn't show badly at all. The straps are soft, they don't dig in and the three hook fastening at the back is great for support. There isn't really anything I didn't like about this bra! I haven't thought much of M&S bras in the last few years, they used to be amazing and then I felt the quality went a bit crappy but I would by this bra in the other colours. Oh and the £19.50 price tag is also very acceptable. I give it a 9/10.

The next bra I would like to show you is a lovely pink number from Sculptresse. The lovely people at MyCurves&Me sent me this bra to review. The bra is called Willow Full Cup Bra and it's by Sculptress. In my opinion, the size I asked for (38G) fits me really well. I had never heard of the site MyCurves&Me before I spoke to these guys but I will definitely be buying from them in the future. The site was really easy to navigate and you can get this bra in the sale at the moment! It was £35.00 but it is currently £17.50... bargain!

I think the berry colour is super nice and the lace print panel on the front and rose in the centre are nice feminine touches. It isn't the sexiest of bras but is super comfy and the fabric is really soft! The straps feel really padded and there isn't any over spill on top or at the sides. My breasts fit well in the VERY full cup and the gore (I had to look that term up... Thanks George!) sits right up against my chest.

Although I like the fit, like I said... it's not the most glamorous bra and I would have also liked it if it had three hooks at the back as I like to feel really strapped into my bras! I give this bra 7/10

Next up is another T-shirt bra from my absolute fave girls over at Curvy Kate. I always bang on about these lot and if you take a look at their site, you'll see why. SUCH PRETTY BRAS for us big boobed ladies. They offer bras from a size D-Kcup and they offer great supportive bras but they are soooo feminine, glamorous and sexy!

Himare was very kind to send me this Daily Boost as whilst I was talking to her a few weeks back I mentioned I was on the hunt for a great every day black bra. Hurray! I have found said bra! I got this style in a 38GG and it fits me really well. It comes in black, mocha, nude and white which are obviously all very practical colours. I should have done the straps up a bit tighter and the angle of this pic below doesn't do it justice but I'm in love with it. I've worn it constantly since I received it a few weeks a go. I like the shape this bra gives my breasts. The cup is a nice full balcony style without looking frumpy and it looks great underneath tighter tops. The gore sits up against me and I love the three hooks at the back. It really holds me in place all day and supports these bad boys! The only thing I don't like about it is the mocha/grey trim on the top of the cup; I wish it was black like the rest of the bra. I give this bra a 9/10.

Last but by no means least, I offer you this shexy number from Marks and Spencers. I love, love, love this bra! It's so glam and tacky and makes my boobs look fab! The bra is called the Limited Collection Animal Print Padded Plunge Bra and I got it in a size 38G whilst I was in the store yesterday. Now, I wouldn't wear this bra every day as the support isn't incredible/what I want from an everyday bra but, when my boobs look this good I couldn't really give a monkeys! I love the shape it gives my boobs, the nude coloured straps, the print, the red accents and the lace detailing on the side of the cups. I am definitely going to order the rest of this set. It'll look immense with lower cut tops and glam evening dresses. The bra is only £16 and I think thats exceptionally good value for money. I give this bra 10/10!

I hope this post has been helpful. Have a great weekend my lovelies. 

*If I was gifted any of these bras for review, I have mentioned it in the body of this post. 


  1. OOOOHHHH SEXY LAAADDDYYYYY. That leopard print one looks amazing on you. *rubs thighs*
    I bloody LOVE Daily Boost, it's my absolute favourite bra. When Himare told me to try it I was so unsure because I'd never worn a padded/moulded bra before but it's the best bra I've ever had.
    Yay tits!

    1. It's so good isn't it! Makes me want to do bad things!!

      Ooohh we can wear our Daily Boosts together when I next see you Mamma E x x x x

  2. Great prices on the M&S ones, I have to admit I never got here for underwear (I know, I know). I usually try Debenhams and they rarely have anything my size. My local M&S is like proper Grannyville and seems to be the shop that decent stock forgot, it's honestly really dire despite it's size. Anyway, such a pity about the mocha trim on that black one, I too would prefer it all black.

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