Black Heart Creative custom design Wu necklace

Two things, I love Blackheart Creatives and I love Wutang. Combine the two and you get this AWESOME necklace.

If you want anything made in acrylic.... go to these guys. They will make you absolutely anything you want. I have their well known Fat Bitch necklace which you can see here, but I'm honoured to own this beauty now! They used a thicker than usual chain as I love the tacky shit (as you might have noticed) but they can use gold or silver and their standard chain length is 48cm although you can request shorter or longer. You can get anything made!! Maybe you fancy your name or a saying or your favourite animal...anythingggggggggg.

Have a peek at their site and let me know what you think of their stuff. I'm going to wear this sooo much I can just tell.

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