Sleek Brow Kit review

In the past I haven't done anything to my brows. They have been the same shape for as long as I can remember and I only pluck the strays in the centre to stop me from having a mono brow and the odd stray ones underneath.

As part of my make up routine, I have always just swept clear mascara over them to tidy them up and set them in place. This previously had always been good enough for me. I have steered clear of getting them tinted, threaded, shaped, waxed and just simply kept them as the bushy beasts they are. I like how they frame my face and I like them to be a strong feature.

I had noticed a fair few brow products on the market and although I'd seen reviews of them and thought they looked great, I'd not tried any myself. This all changed when I was in Superdrug the other day and I spotted the Sleek Brow Kit and decided to take the plunge!

I chose the 'Dark' kit and I can happily say it's the perfect shade for me. They do 'Light', 'Dark', 'Extra Dark' and 'Black'. Included in the set is some setting powder, shaping wax, an angled brush, a blending brush and a mini set of tweezers.

Now, you might read my way of doing things and be like 'erm, Danie why are you doing it that way?' but to be honest.... that isn't my problem ha ha. I've found a way I like using the kit and it's perfect for me and the effect I'm going for.

Firstly I still like to sweep my brows with a clear mascara. I use a cheap and cheerful one from Seventeen. This sets them in place and allows me to see what shape I'm working with. You can use the tweezers at this stage to neaten them up if you spot any strays. I don't love any of the brushes that the set comes with, but they will do until I can afford to treat myself to some better ones.

After the mascara has dried, I then like to use the powder, on the angled brush to create the desired shape that I like. Now, I've seen on other reviews and even the Sleek Makeup site that they suggest you use the wax and then the powder but for some reason I like to use them the other way round. Once I have used the angled brush to draw an outline around the brow, I then fill in the brow with some of the powder. You can use as much or as little as you like to build up the desired look.

Once I have filled the brow in with powder, I then set the hair with the shaping wax. Again, everyone else does it the other way round but I love how mine turn out doing it this way so I shall stick to what I l know. I use the shaping wax with the blending brush and sweep it across my entire brow. The wax slicks the hairs down and voila... they are done.

I love, love, love this kit and it's going to be a staple in my routine from now on. I think the price of £8.49 is great as I can't see it running out any time soon.

What do you use on your eyebrows guys? Do you use a kit like this? Maybe you use the pricier version from Benefit called Brow Zings?


  1. Strong brows rock! I use a Fashionista kit from MUA at the mo, but am so obsessed with my brows I have about 4 different kits. x x

  2. Am I missing something? Look at the size of the gap? Is this intentional ?

    1. They've been like that since I was little. That's just how my face is... Thanks for the input though and for stopping bye lolololol stay cute xx


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