My Christmas Eve outfit.

And .... breathe....

That is me, breathing out after we have finished all the cooking, turkey eating and Cranium playing. We have said goodbye to all the family and I'm finally sat alone (god I love my own company) and I am in my pjs and I couldn't be happier. I like Christmas but I don't love it. It's always a bit stressful and not as magical in our household as it seems to be in everyone elses household. I do try though, I do try to get in the mood and dress up and lovingly wrap presents and help my Mum prepare 16,000 types of vegetables for our Christmas dinner. I'm sure I will love it if/when I have kids.

All the eating and drinking is obvs a high point for me so when we decided to go out for Christmas Eve drinks I was a happy bunny as I knew I could take this dress for a spin. It's a beautiful snake print with an acid green highlight and it works so well with the grey tones. I think it's such a unique colouring for a snake print. The fabric is nice and thick and I think it'll work well for me in the spring. This dress is a UK18 and it is from River Island. I could buy 95% of the River Island website at the moment.

The clutch is an old Zara purchase, the vintage style court shoes are from M&S and have you noticed the necklace? I'm thinking you might have, it's pretty hard to miss it. I bought it from eBay and it was an absolute bargain. You can buy a similar one here.

I went all matchy-matchy with my makeup for this look. I used a super old Christian Dior eyeliner in 'Anis' and the brown/greys from the Sleek 'Storm' palette. I used to use colourful eyeshadows all the time, especially greens as they look lovely with my eye colour but I haven't in years. I really like this makeup look though so I think I will be bringing some more colour onto my face via eyeshadows in the future.

Right, enough of all this sitting up. I need to lie down, I've drunk too much tea and eaten too many shortbreads. What do you think of these very untraditional colours in this snake print? Too garish or do you love it like I do?


  1. I think you look great! I dont think everyone could pull that dress off but it really suits you and your make up is stunning! :) x

    Molly's Beauty Spot | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Looking good, bird. Christmas is a funny ol' one for us Spoonies. I had a great time but am exhausted and need a week or recover. Happy New Year. x x

    1. Exhausted is the word!!!! Happy New Year to you as well my lovely x

  3. Replies
    1. Ditto. Cant wait till I see you in the new year x x x

  4. You look ethereal, with the sunlight, and your makeup, and your hair...I think I might be a little bit in love :P


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