How much Embroidery is too much?

Never one to shy away from a trend, I sometimes always like to go full steam ahead and wear the trend head to toe (on this occasion, ankle). 

Spotted an embroidered piece that you like but don't know how to style? My top tip is to wear it with something else embroidered! Embroidery brings a classic or wardrobe staple alive and adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, if you ask me. Love coming across as sophisticated sometimes, even though we all know I have a feral mouth on me!

I've been enjoying the colour blue this summer which is a surprise as it's not normally a colour I gravitate towards. My most favourite outfits this year, which you can see here and here have all had blue accents in them; so I guess it's a 2017 thing for me?

Next time you're online/in a shop, pick up an embroidered piece, pair it with something you already have at home and drench your self in that beautifully stitched goodness!

Photographs by JKGPhotography

Just before I go...I promise I ironed both these pieces! Travelling in my outfits, before shooting them sometimes doesn't work out so well aha!

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