How To wear double Denim Like a Pro

The key to making a double or even triple denim outfit look good, is to layer with confidence! It might seem daunting to wear more than one piece of denim in an outfit but combining different denims together is one of the easiest ways to look stylish and well put together.

In my opinion, the more denim the better. We've been taught over the years that wearing double denim is a crime against fashion; but in reality it can look pretty darn amazing.

Here's my top tips for layering denim like a pro:

1. Layer using different shades of denim - The easiest way to wear double denim is to play with the different shades out there. You can find denim in every colour under the sun now a days and this makes building a double denim look; very easy. Try stone wash and dark blue or even chambray and dark grey.

2. Break the denim up - Scared to go full on denim aka Britney and Justin? Try building up an outfit like I have with other colours and fabric types. This will break the denim up and water it down slightly. This is a great way to wear double denim if you're a beginner!

3. Mix it up - Just like tip #1, a simple way to wear double denim is to play around with fabric types and textures. Wear a heavily distressed pair of jeans with a clean cut chambray shirt or a lightweight pair of culottes and a heavy denim coat.

4. Dress it up - Double denim can be perfect for evenings out. Add killer heels, a statement coat and a generous slick of lippy and you're good to go!

5. Combine vintage and highstreet - The denim gems you find in vintage shops/charity shops can be insane! Hunt for one off, customised pieces and pair them with more basic options from the highstreet. 

Take a look how I styled this fabulous slogan denim jacket with these lightweight denim culottes

Photographs by JKGPhotography 

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