Nautical Vibes for Spring - Groundbreaking.

When I lived in Sweden, for some reason I became OBSESSED with wearing nautical inspired looks and pretty much lived in blue, white, red, tan, stripes... you know the usual suspects. I bought a few dresses from Beyond Retro (the branch in Stockholm is SO good if you ever get the chance to have a browse) and it just escallated from there. I remember telling my friend, Maria that this was how I was going to dress forever. Well, as you can tell it didn't last forever... not even a year but I did give it a good go guys. 

Fast forward a few years and apart from wearing the odd Breton stripe I actually wear one pretty much every week , I feel like I've completely neglected this trend. So, without further ado, here is a cute nautical inspired look, fit for St Tropez or Margate!

I shot so many looks with my photographer, Jade yesterday and I feel like my fashion mojo is back! I've been a little uninspired recently and this outfit has certainly reinforced the fact that you should call on past loves to help inspire you again. I had forgotten all about my love of nautical and just wearing this very classic combo has made me feel very confident and super sassy again.

If you're feeling uninspired, reach for the photo albums or scroll wayyyyy back on your instagram. Find a pic from back in the day, one where you felt like a queen and reinvent that look. 

Ta Ta for now, I'm off to find a man with a yacht.

Photographs by JKGPhotography 


1. Skirt | 2. Bardot Shirt | 3. Handbag | 4. Vans | 5. Lipstick in shade 'Bang Bang' | 6. *False Lashes 

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