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Each week I post outfits that feature new as well as previously worn items. As much as I love showcasing whats 'New In', I also wear my clothes numerous/hundreds of times, I wear second hand items and vintage treasures and if you're anything like me; you have a few outfits you love wearing, in rotation at any one time.

As a fashion obsessed girl, I love treating myself to new bits *maybe a little too often* and I make no secrets of the fact I am forever grateful that brands and PR's send me items but I don't wear a new outfit everyday of the week and I think it's important to make you all aware of that. I also make sure that what ever I wear here on my blog, is an outfit I would actually wear whilst being out and about. It seems ridiculous for me to have to say that, but I feel that some bloggers just post outfits for the sake of getting attention/likes/retweets and it doesn't feel authentic. I like to follow bloggers/influencers that you can tell actually live in their clothes and that they haven't removed 5 mins after their photographer has shot them.

We all have wardrobe staples such as roll necks, jeans, shirts, leather jackets and trainers and I for one live in my staples. They are those fail safe items that you can rely on day in, day out. Wardrobe staples don't have to be boring though, just because you live in these items; it doesn't mean they have to be drab or frumpy!

One of my go to outfits this AW is this Maxi Skirt, Roll Neck, Leather Jacket and Trainer combo. If you follow me on social media I am sure you will have noticed that I wear this outfit to death! Well, here it is in all its glory and I hope you enjoy!

Photographs by JKGPhotography


1. Maxi Skirt / 2. Roll Neck Jumper / 3. Leather Jacket similar here / 4. Adidas Superstar Bold Trainers / 5. Handbag similar here / 6. Glasses 

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  1. Such a fab look, that skirt is goooorgeous! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. Y U SO PERFECT? I love everything about this look I need that skirt in my life. xx

  3. That is a really lovely outfit.


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