Big Box, Little Box: Styling Matching Prints

Have a think for me... What's your favourite print? Would you wear it head to toe? If the answer is yes; you might love this outfit and if the answer is no; this outfit might help to inspire you to think differently.

I used to wear prints all the time but in the last year I have definitely opted for plain fabrics over printed ones. I still love and admire them but I have to LOVE a print if it's going to make it onto my body.

As you can tell from one of my previous posts - 'Printed Co-Ords for the Win', when I do wear prints; they tend to be in your face and bold! Another way I like to style print is by wearing the same print, head toe but in slightly different ways.

I spotted this oversize jumpsuit online [on sale now!] and was attracted to it because of it's simplicity. I am really enjoying fuss free dressing at the moment and who doesn't like wearing something that resembles a onesie?! I love loungewear and with the amount of options on the market now; you can definitely get away with wearing it out and about. Comfort is key!

When wearing the same print head to toe, there are a few things you might like to think about before taking the matchy matchy plunge.

Here are a few tips you might like to try:

1. Pick one dominate print and one accent print

2. Scale is important. Switch it up and wear big, medium and small scale prints together.

3. Same print but in different fabric qualities works really well.

4. Invert the colours. Same print inverted looks so cool!


1. Jumpsuit on sale! | 2. Bomber Jacket | 3. Sandals sold out | 4. Bag on sale! 

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