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 Everyone loves a trainer right?... Wrong! I didn't wear trainers for years and years because I didn't think any would be suitable for my chunky "pork chop feet" (My Dads loving nickname for me haha). I wear standard trainers for sport but always steered clear of fashion trainers. Fast forward to 2017 and whilst writing this post, I am lovingly looking over at my growing trainer collection and I can't believe I ignored this style of shoe for so long.

Now, my feet aren't massively wide but they are wider than average and I either wear a size 5 or a 6. I find that I pretty much always buy shoes from the wide fit section (New Look, Asos, River Island being my faves) but the below non-wide fit trainers and flats also work perfectly for me and I thought I'd share as I know a lot of you also have chunky paws.

I LOVE Vagabond shoes and have a vast amount of boots, flats and trainers from this Swedish shoe brand. If you haven't, give Vagabonds a try; I think you'll be suitably impressed. 

These are sooooooo comfy and I know a few guys and gals with wide fit who love this style. Try the classics or one of their newest styles like the 'Adidas Superstar Bold' (shown in the top photo) and let me know what you think.

Now this really surprised me as I'd always imagined Converse to be very narrow fitting but they are so roomy! I've had to size down in my pair of Cons and I have plenty of room still. I am 30 and I'd never owned any before, now I've got 3 pairs and counting... oops! 

Back to Adidas with these but I am fast becoming an Adidas girl and even though I've started off with the classic styles; I'll definitely be trying the newer styles in the future. The Gazelles come up slightly smaller than the Superstars but they are still just as comfy.

Are there any non-wide fit trainers that you love and you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi, love this post. I'm a gazelle girl myself ;) ooh and converse....where did you get the jeans you are wearing with the converse please? x


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