We don't always need to flatter our figures.

As women we have been conditioned to believe that the only suitable way of dressing is to flatter our figures. We've been told to accentuate/conceal parts of our bodies in order for us to look good. For me this "style rule" is a load of rubbish and I want to try and show you, that you shouldn't have to exclude yourself from trends or ignore certain styles; just because of your body shape.

I love boxy, over sized pieces and I am often drawn to these far more than the figure hugging, body con styles we so commonly see in plus size fashion. If I cast my mind back to the start of my blogging career; I lived in body con dresses. Tight dresses were my "thing" and I didn't really experiment with the shape or cut of tops/dresses.

I feel like these "unflattering" styles weren't as readily available to us as they are now and as my confidence to experiment with trends/styles grew; so did my need to try different shapes. I think my love of oversize styles started when I lived in Stockholm. I came across brands such as Monki and Weekday and fell in love. Over the years I taught myself to hunt in straight size shops for pieces that would fit my plus size body. More often than not; these were boxy, cropped or over size and this is where my love affair started!

Ladies, please remember:

You don't always have to wear a belt.
You don't always have to wear shape wear.
You don't always have to nip it in or smooth it out.

Photographs by JKGPhotography 

This shirt. This beautiful shirt is a clear example of how you can make straight size items fit even if your dress size exceeds the largest size on offer. I'd like you to hazard a guess at the size of this shirt. Have a look at my pictures and I'll reveal all at the end; you're going to be shocked!

The ASOS White collection is stunning and they have a lot of oversize items. Definitely try the range and let me know if you find something you love. 


White Shirt / Black Leggings / Wide Fit Heels on sale / Earrings similar here

Before you go, the shirt is a size 10 guys. A TEN. 
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  1. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit. I love the contrast of silhouettes and colors.


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