How to take a party dress from day to night

The festive period is nearly upon us (it's kind of already started for some) and it's more important than ever to make sure you have lots of festive pretties hanging in your wardrobe; ready for all those christmas parties!

 I spotted this gorgeousssssss velvet dress whilst browsing on the Marks and Spencer's site recently and couldn't resist buying it. I seem to have become fully addicted to M&S this year! 

When I first tried this dress on, I envisaged wearing it on a night out but I spotted it hanging in my wardrobe yesterday and thought I'd challenge myself to style it for the day time. Take a look at how I styled it for the day and then by loosing the jacket/trainers and adding some heels; I took this look from day to night. 

- Daytime styling -

Layering is key! It's cold out there at the moment so layer your party frock over a roll neck or even a fine knit.

Add a fancy bomber jacket. I love bomber jackets like this floral style because they are cropped and work well layered over dresses. You can dress them up or down and they are everywhere this season.

Sling a big bag over your shoulder. If you're anything like me; you carry all of your household possessions with you when you are out and about. Add a casual shopper/tote bag to your look to dress it down. 

Comfort is key! If you haven't tried a pair of trainers with a fancy dress you haven't lived ok? Try it! Adidas Superstars work so well with everything, including that party frock hanging in your wardrobe.

Night time styling -

Photography by JKGPhotography 

Loose the layers! It was COLD yesterday so I was not about to loose all of my layers for the sake of my photos! Imagine I've removed the roll neck and the bomber jacket and you're good to go for your Christmas party!

Switch up your lippy. I love a nude lipstick whether it's day or night but you could give this outfit a vampy edge by adding a dark burgundy lipstick. I am definitely trying that the next time I wear this dress. 

Ditch the flats and grab some heels. I love my flats as previously stated but you can't beat a pair of killer heels to get you in the party mood. I tend to always go for a chunky heel but I'm loving the sassy vibe of these stiletto heels.

Scared of bearing your legs? Keep your tights on and wear them with your heels - even your strappy heels! Previously a fashion faux pas; I love how tights look with heels.

Clutch bags are a girls best friend during party season. Leave your tote bag at work and cram your essentials into a clutch. I love this classic style on sale at the moment. 


1. Velvet Dress (avail in sizes 8 - 22) | 2. Roll Neck Top | 3. Bomber Jacket ( I am wearing an 18 from main range) | 4. Trainers | 5. Suede Shopper Bag | 6. Wide Fit Heels | 7. Necklace 

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