Styling a statment coat | Part One

I am normally very decisive when it comes to my purchases, especially when it comes to clothes. I tend to spot something, and if I can envisage wearing it a lot; I buy it. Sometimes it isn't even as "complex" as that. If I like it, whether I can afford it or not; I buy it.

When you come across something that is a little bit/a lot more out of your normal price range; I think the process tends to be a little more thought out. I go back and forth a million times, justifying the purchase. This is exactly what I did with this Statement Coat

I took to twitter and asked the masses. The general consensus was to buy the coat but I sat and thought about a few things... 

Would I wear the coat a lot this autumn/winter? - yes
Would I wear the coat in years to come? - yes
Do I already own something similar? - no
Can I justify the expense? - yes... no... maybe?
Can I style this coat in a number of ways? - yes

The last question lead me to think how I would wear this coat for its first outing. I thought I'd show you two ways to style this particular coat over two separate posts. Here is outfit one:
Pick out the key colours in the coat and build your outfit around them.

For this outfit I decided to home in on the pink, white, black and grey and wear items in those colours. I had this pink pinafore stashed away in the wardrobe, a classic white long sleeve top, my cute pink Adidas Gazelles and some old grey tights. Some might think that this is too matchey matchey but I love it! Try it! Take your fave statement coat, pick out the key colours and go from there. Show me online (twitter/Facebook/Instagram) your outfits!

Photographs by JKGPhotography 


1. Statement Coat - I'm wearing the M/L and I'm a size 20/22 | 2. Pink Pinafore | 3. White Long Sleeve Top | 4. Pink Adidas Gazelles | 5. Grey Tights similar here - I wear a size XL.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of this post where I will show you another way to style a statement coat such as this one!
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