Such a monki

It's no secret, I'm a HUGE Monki fan. It's by far my favourite place to browse as there are always so many gems in there suitable for plus size girls. I normally like to mix one of their pieces in with other brands when I build an outfit but with todays outfit; I really went for it!

The printed dress, velvet bomber and gold bag are all from Monki which is a store that doesn't stock "plus size" clothes but as you can see; they fit my plus sized body! If you ever have the chance to pop into their store on Carnaby Street, London then I highly recommend you do. There are so many fun accessories and shoes in there even if you don't manage to find something that fits. Monki is also stocked on ASOS which is great if you have their Premier service as it means you can use their free delivery service.

I'm also the biggest Vagabond shoe fan and it's normally the white ones that I'm drawn to but seeing as I have about a million pairs of white shoes I thought I'd branch out a little! I treated myself to these tan boots as I really wanted the comfort of a Vagabond shoe but a brown ankle boot, as it's far more appropriate for the outfits I'm wearing at the moment. Not that dressing appropriately has ever really been that important to me!

Photographs by Catalinababsphotos

Have you tried anything from Monki yet?

1. Roll neck dress | 2. Velvet Bomber Jacket | 3. Gold Handbag | 4. Black 100 Denier Tights | 5. Tan Boots | 6. Statement Necklace similar here

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  1. Love the print top. xx

  2. Love the printed dress :-) x

  3. Love this dress!!! Mentioned this outfit in my blog http://comfortxl.blogspot.com/2015/12/blog-post.html

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