5 Plus Size Sequin Shift Dresses

Who isn't a fan of a sequin or two? I know I have always been sequin obsessed and seeing as it is now November, I thought I'd put together a sassy, sequin selection for you all.

What ever your budget; I have a sequin dress for you! Here are my top 5 party dresses available online now and if you click on the dress you like; it'll take you directly to the correct website.

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  1. I've seen the gold ASOS dress on the site a few times. I love the bronzy shade and keep going back and forth on whether I should buy it or not. It's a pretty perfect NYE dress. I also really love the one with black sequins. Decisions, decisions!
    Pretty in the Desert

    1. Its so good isnt it! I love it - really enjoying all these more casual shift dress styles! x


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