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Every now and then it's good to switch things up and a dramatic hair colour change could be exactly what you need. I was beginning to get bored of my natural hair colour and although it's served me well for the last 29 years; I just fancied trying something completely different. After a few days of searching Pinterest and trying on wigs; I decided I wanted to go ginger and I honestly couldn't be happier.

Here's a step by step guide to how I went from brunette to ginger and where I had my hair done.

1) Do your research! Try on wigs, hold swatches of coloured hair up to your face, trawl Pinterest for inspiration.

2) Book in with a reputable stylist, like Charlotte at Jones and Payne and have a really in-depth colour consultation. Listen to their advice and if you are going to go for it; make sure you don't leave without having a patch test to make sure you aren't allergic to the products they'll be using.

3) All being well and good with your patch test; you're ready to go!
Here's a break down of the products that Charlotte used on my hair and how to keep your hair looking happy and healthy after it's been dyed.

  • Charlotte used 'Loreal Majirel Tint' on my roots and 'Majicontrast' on the ends. She applied it to dry hair and evenly distributed the colour throughout the hair. This tint doesn't contain bleach but it contains 'Hi Chroma technology' that allows visible colour on dark or pre-coloured hair.
  • The dye stayed on my hair for 40 minutes 
  • The product was washed out, they shampooed and conditioned my hair and then they styled it and voila I am now part of team ginger!
  • If/when the colour fades you can pop back in for a toner.
  • The tint cost £75
  • You need to wash and condition your hair with products suitable for coloured hair. Pureology is made for coloured hair and prevents fade. Charlotte recommends Pureology Strength Cure as it has moisture and protein in it to strengthen the hair.
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  1. I have been a little obsessed by your hair colour as soon as I saw it. I too am so bored of my hair colour at the moment. I have been blonde, brown and black, maybe now time to try red!

  2. Your new hair colour is just everything! Looks absolutely stunning on you <3

    1. Ah thank you Andini. I am so happy I dyed it!!!! xx

  3. Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous! I have been thinking about gingering for a while... I think it may be time.


    1. defo do it! I am so happy I went ginge! xx

  4. That is a great colour on you, so good that it was like you were born with it!
    This is hair-inspo


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