Slip into something a little more comfortable...

I was so, so sick last week. I think I caught a stomach virus and I was not a happy bunny! The thing about getting sick when you have a chronic pain condition is that it knocks you for six. Not only do you have to battle with the side effects of the illness but you have to contend with your already extensive list of ailments. I was sick and tired, tired of being sick! Fibromyalgia affects me in so many ways and last week I was just a grumpy mess.

Towards the end of the illness I ventured from my bed to the sofa and because I felt so feverish; I wanted to feel cosy from head to toe. Enter these incredibly cosy *Mule Slippers. I'm not sure how I have gone so long without slippers but these have changed my entire life (slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean!)

Once the bug had started to bugger off - I grabbed my editorial diary, started scheduling blog posts and if you ever find yourself with a stomach bug; you NEED to try frozen grapes. They are a life saver and really helped at keeping my nausea at bay!

Here's to a new week and keeping your footsies warm!


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