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During the winter months, I'm not sure if I'm the only one here but I tend to live in the same big 'granny' pants, thick black tights and I rotate a black and a nude bra - very unadventurous! I mean, there's nothing wrong in wearing what you're comfortable in but sometimes a change of season/ the weather can give you that extra umph to try something new.

During the spring and summer months I tend to wear a lot of dresses and strappy tops and this means there's more chance of people peeping my bra! I was having a think the other day and realised I needed to update my underwear draw as it's all looking rather frumpy at the moment!

Here are some of my fave sets available at the moment; these are all from Simply Be as I think they have a lovely variety at the moment and it's nice to know you can buy your dresses there as well as your lingerie. These sets come in a variety of sizes/ band widths so hopefully there is something for everyone here! Click on the item you like and it'll take you directly to the correct website! Happy shopping!

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  1. I love lingerie but unfortunately my size is hard to find in cute lingerie. I'm a 40B and when shops carry a size 40, they only have bigger cups and not a B.

    1. This is such a shame!So annoying this size is not available a lot. I hope brands get better at this for you! x

  2. I need all of them, right?

    C xx

  3. Beautiful post Danielle, the colours are amazing! x


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