A golden oldie

I recently blogged about my lack of inspiration for fashion and when I arranged to meet up with my friend Gemma (who takes outfit pictures for me) I went into panic mode. "What am I going to wearrrr?... Why does nothing look nice on me?... I hate all my clothes."

My room currently looks like a bomb site. No word of a lie; I pulled out every item of clothing I own from my wardrobe and started sifting through it all. I have a pile which I will be selling, a pile for the charity shop, a pile of clothes I totally forgot I owned and a pile of clothes that at some point should probably be re-folded and put back into the wardrobe... I am currently in denial and I am not sure how long these piles will be in my room; it could be weeks and I hate mess but I can also be very lazy about these sorts of things.

Well after all the sifting, I came across this mega old ASOS sunflower dress and an even older vintage denim jacket that I have had for years. I wore this outfit a lot last summer and the summer before and although I blogged this dress, I never blogged this outfit so I thought I'd give it an update with some chunky black platform boots, some sunglasses that look like they are straight out of the 90s (similar here) and my fave orange lipstick called 'Gay Geranium' by No7. I really like how these pictures have come out and it just goes to show that re-inventing old looks can be just as exciting and inspiring as wearing new outfits every week.

Photographs by Gemma Bellfield 
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  1. SUCH a gorgeous summery outfit. I love it.
    I'm hunting down that dress, STAT.
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. It's a gem isn't it!! Maybe you'll come into luck on eBay? Good luck in your search! xx

  2. I saw this on instagram and I think you look gorgeous, such a beautiful summer dress.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks pal - its falling apart in parts but I love it so much! xxx

  4. I love this look! I had a similar feeling about all my clothes recently. Amazing what you can find isn't it? You look great. xx


  5. You look absolutely FABULOUS, Danielle! I love the 90's vibes in this outfit! x

  6. Love this outfit - the sunflowers are awesome!

    C xx

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