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I am no professional MUA (Makeup Artist) and I have never had any training in how to apply the stuff. I do however LOVE makeup, I love applying it and wearing it. Many of you ask me on a daily basis for a break down of the products I wear and how I apply them SO in the next few weeks I will be working with a videographer (because I have NO clue at this stage how to film/do all that Youtube stuff) and we will be bringing you my daily makeup tips, what I regularly wear and new products that make their way into my makeup bag.

I hope this is the start of me uploading to Youtube more as I really want to expand my blog horizons this year and what better way than to get myself vlogging? I want to learn how to video myself and edit the footage and create mega slick Youtube vids!

How does that sound?

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  1. Replies
    1. You will slowly be able to own every makeup item I own pahahaha xx

  2. Ooooh exciting!

    C xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yey! Im so glad you're looking forward to this! x

  4. How exciting! Your make-up is always on point so I'll definitely be watching!

    onlybecci.blogspot.com xxx


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