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I never used to take skin care very seriously until I found beauty blogs like Caroline Hirons and The Black Pearl Blog. I now have a strict regime and my go to products are mostly from REN or La Roche Posay.

When REN contacted me and offered me the chance to go to Liberty and have one of their signature treatments, I couldn't say no! Their facials are inspired by ancestral traditions, Japanese acupressure and Swedish massage and let me tell you, that is a powerful trio!

When I first imagined a facial at Liberty, I imagined sitting in a high chair on the shop floor bearing my naked face to all the other customers but was excited to find out they have a treatment area located out of sight and it's all very private. I met Claire, who was doing my treatment for me and she welcomed me and walked me to the treatment area. They have a nice little seating area and a bathroom you can wait in/use and it was all very zen-like in there! Oh and clean! You know how I like things to be clean!!

The waiting area outside the Liberty treatment rooms
Claire walked me into the treatment room, explained what I needed to do, left me to undress (down to my underwear) and wiggle myself onto the bench. You are covered in towels and a blanket if you want one and it's all very professional and they respect your privacy. I lay on my front and then the massage/facial of dreams began!

The REN treatment room in Liberty

My back, neck and shoulders were massaged, Claire talked me through everything and made me feel at ease straight away. Once my back massage was over, I turned onto my back and Claire did my facial for me. Oh I nearly forgot, at the start she asked me about my skin type and let me know what sort of products she would use on me.

Can I just tell you... that facial was the best thing that has ever happened to me haha! I've had one in the past and was not able to relax and didn't enjoy the smell/feel of the products but I swear, I nearly fell asleep during this one! The music, Claires hands and RENs beautiful products are a winning combination. As I mentioned previously, I love REN products and they smell so amazing. They smell 'clean' if that makes any sense? I asked Claire to tell me which products she was applying and I enjoyed knowing what she was doing. During the facial, I received a fabbbulous head massage, she flexed and gently moved my feet and when it was over I could have easily rolled onto my side, pulled the blanket up and had a little power nap!

I floated out of Liberty and felt so nice and relaxed for the rest of the day! Guys, I could not recommend this enough. It would be such a nice treat and although it's £55 for a one hour treatment, that is redeemable against any products you buy from their REN counter on that day and that is so worth it!

For contact details or more info about REN at Liberty take a look here

I did my makeup later that day and it glided on and my face felt lovely and smooth and really pampered!

*My facial was a gift in exchange for a review

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