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I wear lenses all the time and I wouldn't be able to see a thing without them. I sadly can't wear contacts often due to my Fibro giving me dry eyes so I like to make sure I really like my glasses and I tend to pick statement frames.

Specspost kindly gifted me a pair to review and I was excited to get a new pair as I recently sat on my other ones and made them incredibly wonky. The site is easy to navigate and the online form you have to fill in with your prescription details is clear and easy to follow.

I chose this duo tone pair as I used to have a pair like this and loved them. I am dead chuffed with these as the clear part of the frame lets you see more of your eyes and opens them up a bit. My eyes are my favourite feature and I do miss having a frame free face a lot of the time. I tend to take my glasses off for posed pictures but since I have had these, I've left them on a lot more. You can pick the type of lense you want and they also do prescription sunglasses. Can I give you a heads up? The prices are amazing so I highly recommend you checking them out if you are after a new pair of glasses.

I'm glad I can go to my friends wedding next week without having to wear a wonky pair of glasses!

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  1. You REALLY suit those frames, just gorgeous. I too wear glasses all the time, but tend to take them off for blog photos.

    1. Thank you! It's funny how we all take them off for pics isnt it!? x

  2. I always take mine off for photos and I don't know why! xx

    1. I should try and keep them on more but its just force of habit now! x


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