Evans Collective - Plus size fashion at LFW

This week you might have noticed a buzz surrounding plus size brand, Evans. The first high street shop to offer clothing in plus sizing did something magical last Tuesday. Evans have always been known for their designer collaborations and trend led capsule collections and their latest collection definitely doesn't disappoint!

Evans presented us with the inaugural plus size fashion show to coincide with London Fashion Week and seeing beautiful clothes, gliding down a catwalk, in a stunning venue really made my heart sing.

This latest collection is called the Design Collective and we were treated to a spectacle of beautiful fabrics, stunning colour palettes and intricate prints. The collection is broken up into different ranges and each range was either designed by top designers such as Clements Ribeiro or Giles Deacon working in collaboration with Evans and their 'shape specialism' or by the winners of the ' Cut for Evans' graduate competition.

Below is a video so you can watch the show for yourself and some pics c/o of Evans of the show. What do you think? Are you as excited as I am about this initiative?

Photo c/o Evans - Clements Ribeiro mix match prints
Photo c/o Evans - Vitta Gottlieb sheer khaki dress and jacket
Photo c/o Evans - Design Collective intricate printed two piece 
Photo c/o Evans - Giles Deacons magical green dress with sheer back
Photo c/o Evans - Jamie Wei Huan - my favourite piece from the entire show
Photo c/o Evans - The Cut (Ashley Graham is just so beautiful right?) 
A little Frow action with Callie and Louise - photo c/o Evans 


Psssst..... one more thing, all these amazing clothes will be available to buy from Evans next Spring '15.

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  1. Love it all but my favourite so far, from the photos I've seen is the 3rd photo down, the intricate printed 2 piece. Just so damm pretty, ridiculously so!

    Lovely photo of you and Callie too - you pair are 2 of my favourite younger bloggers! I wish my 18 year old daughter had a fraction of your self confidence... I'm working on her though!

    Paula x

    1. I love that one too! Im so glad you enjoy our blogs, I hope your daughters confidence continues to grow and grow!! x

  2. OMG! The colours, the sheer fabrics, the sparkle... I love it all! Evans are quite brilliant at the moment :-)

    1. Its an incredible collection right? I want it allllllllll x


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