Release the chub

So it's finally warming up and you're thinking sh*t I need to get the perfect body in time for my trip to the beach/pool/lido. Er, no you don't. Fat girls have just as much right to be on that beach as anyone else does.

There are so many hot swimsuits, fatkinis & tankinis out there for us fatties so rejoice and release the chub, ladies!

You can buy my swimsuit here and below are some of my fave looks/accessories for the beach this summer.

Beach Favourites

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  1. Oi Oi hottie! Love this costume!!

    Charlotte // www.thegoodowl.co.uk

  2. You're so awesome xxx In a couple weeks I'm meeting this guy I got to know online (he lives abroad), and I feel so insecure even though he knows I'm fat. I'll try to keep your positivity in mind and rock it <3

    1. Dont feel insecure babe, I am soooo sure he likes you for YOU! Just go and enjoy yourself, I promise you that after five mins with him you wont feel nervous any more. xx

  3. Honey girl!!! I love it. My hand are freezing because we're still in winter but yas. The F21 crotchet thing and the leopard costume? I'm all for it.


    1. They are fab arent they?! brrrr i feel cold from just reading your comment hehe xx


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