Peachy Green

Whilst browsing Monki on Tuesday I came across this rather delightful peach jacket. It is padded and you might think it is a bit of a silly purchase considering the time of year but erm, HELLO where is the sun? It is still raining cats and dogs here in the city and if we do get some sun, it is short lived.

I don't have much to say about this jacket apart from size down, it's really bloody nice and it is in the sale for £25 at the moment. Head to a store or online here to have a look. I am wearing a Medium but they do a large as well. I would say a UK22 could easily fit into the Large.

The greeny, peachy, animal print dress under my jacket is from South at Very and I ordered my usual size, but I would say size down in this dress - it comes up quite big. South make a lot of cute dresses and this particular one goes up to a UK24. It's always pleasing when two items match so well thanks to matching colour tones. The peach colour in this dress match the jacket so well and oddly the green works well with it as well. Not a colour palette I would normally think of. It just goes to show, you can make things in your wardrobe that have got a bit dusty look fab with your new items.

Accessory wise I'm wearing a little felt doggy brooch from a shop in Old Street called Relax Garden, an old Primark floral necklace and the old Topshop boots I wear every god damn day of my life.


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  1. I love that little squinty face of yours xxx

  2. So cute! I have a jacket that's very similar to that one, and get a surprising amount of usage out if it!

  3. Hello,Ciao Danielle...nice post,beautiful photos and your outfit is stunning on you...Great look!
    greetings from Italy
    have a great weekend


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