Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipstick - Depraved.

I've been seeing this Makeup Revolution brand all over my Instagram for the last few weeks and their lipstick shades in particular caught my eye. They are so bright! I can't wear MAC lippies as I am allergic to them and I'm always on a look out for bright lipstick shades. It's sad I can't wear MAC as all their other products are fine for me to use but the lipsticks make my lips come up in a really sore rash - yuk!

I ordered this purple lipstick which is called Depraved and I love it. Er, it's £1.00 yes that's right...one whole pound. The packaging isn't the classiest packaging I have ever seen but for a £1.00 you really can't complain. It reminds me of the brand MUA which is also another super cheap, drugstore makeup brand. The one negative I'd say is that the lid doesn't seem to stay on very well so that may be a problem if you tend to chuck your lippies into your handbag. Hopefully as the brand grow, they will make their packaging a bit better.

Anyway, enough blabbing. It's a bright shade, goes on well and it's very pigmented! It's not drying at all and sticks around for a reasonable amount of time before you need to reapply.

Now that I have broken my Makeup Revolution virginity and it's not been a traumatic experience; I will definitely be stocking up on some more of this super cheap brand. Check out all their products here

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  1. It's gorgeous on you. I spent an entire weekend sussing out what I wanted from this brand, then forgot about them until I saw this. I'm a nude lip lover and they had some gorgeous looking nudes.

    1. Its such good value for money! Slightly addicted now! x

  2. This is such a lovely colour.


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