Stop press. I'm wearing jeans.

When I was in my teens I lived in those heinous carpenter jeans from Gap. I then got too fat for Gap and turned to Dotty P's for my jeans. I lived in them because I didn't know how else to dress myself and I hadn't found my love of fashion just yet.

I moved to London when I was 18. Still living in jeans but switching it up a bit with jazzy tops...vom.  After a few months of studying at The University of the Arts, I started to experiment and I started to dress in crazy vintage dresses, sequin jackets and colourful tights. I totally ditched the jeans and I haven't worn them since.

I've tried to find jeans that suit me, I really have. I find hunting for them bloody boring though. I like them to be high waisted to hold my belly in and I like them to be tight at the ankle and go high enough up my thighs so that my legs don't rub when I walk. I'm not sure what it is about jeans but when I have tried to wear them in recent years I tend to feel frumpy and un-sexy. I'm not sure why though!

Just when I was giving up hope of finding a fabulous pair of jeans, in walk Topsy Curvy. I couldn't recommend them enough. They go nice and high and sit where I like them, just above my belly button. I like the wash on them and I like that when I walk around they go nice and high up (in my crotch area sorry..not sorry) so that when I do walk around my fat thighs don't rub together.
The only problem I have with this pair of jeans is that they are too long for me. This is always a problem for me as I am a short ass, but I got over that by rolling them up and sometime in the coming
weeks I will get them taken up - problem sorted!

Jeans - Topsy Curvy
Sheer striped top - Tesco Clothing
Heels - old Zara
Clutch - my Mums (brand not known)
Necklace - H&M many years a go

p.s I'm aware my toe nails look unkept and shitty, awfully sorry about that.

*These jeans were given to me for review.


  1. Sometimes I get super lucky to find jeans that fit me well. I've had some luck at Forever 21 which is surprising. I really love Old Navy thought. You look amazing too, and I'm so jealous you have your toes out. I'm currently in a pair of Ugg Boots right now and they are NOT helping. So cold in DC.

    1. Babe its soooo cold here as well. I didnt last long in them outside...I was so back inside in my slippers hehe. xx

  2. Mama's clutch is LUSH!!!!!! As are you <3

  3. very Nice, simple but classy!
    i felt in love with the top, do you think the size 20 would fit my 22?


    1. The top is gorgeous! I ordered in an 18, I'm usually a 16 but thought it would look nice looser and it was really tight over the boob area! xx


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