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So it's no secret that I like makeup, I like buying makeup and I that I like to trowel said makeup all over my face. I have my basics that I use everyday and then I like to switch certain things up cos, well... I'm crazy like that. Urgh, I really dislike when people call themselves crazy.

I think I'd like to introduce more makeup posts on my blog as it's something I have always enjoyed reading about, using and experimenting with. I have religiously made my face up since I was about 14. At first it was just mascara, blusher and eyeliner but then boy did things switch up a level when I found Mac 'Studio Fix Fluid'. That was it then, I became addicted to Mac and addicted to creating a flawless finish to my makeup.

I will do a proper post in the future detailing all the products I like to use but here's a look at some of the gems I have recently bought, some regulars and also some new additions.

At first I used 'Studio Fix Fluid' by Mac but once they introduced this 'Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation' (shown above) I didn't look back. I use it pretty much every day unless I fancy a BB Cream day and I love the finish it gives me. A lovely matte finish and the coverage is great. You can build up until you get the desired look and its staying power is fab. I use the shade 'NC15' and it's a great match to my skin tone.

Below is my most favourite item of makeup in the whole wide world. It's by Mac and you probably all use it/know about it but I just wanted to declare my love for it publicly. 'Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation' goes everywhere with me and I probably buy it every 4/5 months. This shade is 'NC15' (the same shade as my liquid foundation) and I use it to set my foundation. It comes with a soft powder puff but I like to use a big bronzer brush to sweep it over my big fat face. I use this powder throughout the day when I've become a bit shiny looking, predominantly across my T-zone.

Next up are three new gems that I bought whilst in Exeter and Manchester airports on Monday. I bought the two varnishes together and I cant remember the exact prices (really helpful I know) but I think they were about nine quid each in duty free but you can buy OPI in loads of places (also exceptionally helpful)

I wanted a classic red so went with 'Big Apple Red' and I am slightly addicted to all things holographic at the moment so when I saw 'I Snow You Love Me' I had to get it. I can't wait to use them both. OPI varnishes apply so well and they don't get all clumpy and shitty.

LOOK AT THAT LIPPY THOUGH..... Perfection. Chanel you sexy beast you. The packaging always gets me. It's sleek, modern and I love how you click the bottom of it and the lid releases so you can wind the lipstick up. This 'Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet' lipstick comes in loads of different colours but this shade 'La Diva' is from their Spring 14 range. It's a beautiful lippy, it's so velvety smooth and it has a really light matte finish to it.  It cost just over £20 in duty free but it is normally priced at approx £25 in Boots.

Pretty gross seeing my hand up close. Think I need to moisturise more. Don't judge me.

And finally there is this little beauty below. I normally religiously use Macs 'Gentle' or 'Dolly Mix' blushers but I saw this Bourjois blusher called 'Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher' whilst perusing the aisles of Boots and decided to throw caution to the wind and buy it. I bought it and I like it and I am very much looking forward to using it. I won't be using the little brush that comes with it though. No thanks, I'll stick with my normal blusher brush. The end.

I hope this post was interesting? I'm not sure it was but..well it's too late really. I'm publishing it.

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  1. Great post. I've never tried MAC base products but love them for lip/eye stuff and blush. Have also never used OPI rather randomly. Have you ever tried YSL Tropical Pink lipstick? It's quite similar to that Chanel one, much brighter in real life than my swatches here http://pinkhairedprincess.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/swatches-ysl-rouge-pur-couture-lipstick.html


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