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Today a company asked me for a few pictures of my favourite accessories and after an hour I was still flagging pictures in iPhoto and I found myself unable to stop! Blogging and using Instagram for the past few years has allowed me to document everything I wear, wether it's shoes, jewellery or bags.

There is no real meaning to this post but I just wanted to share a selection of my favourites and admitting you have a problem is half the battle they say. I have a problem...I am totally addicted to stuff.

If any of the items are still online, I have added links under each picture for you.

My most recent jewellery purchases from ASOS available here 
Platform sneakers and dress were both ASOS purchases
This is what I wore to an event at the new Debenhams on Oxford St. Boots - Office similar here, necklace - Galibardy available here, bangles- gifts/ebay, dress - Simplybe 
Vintage bangle from a local antique shop and a cheap as chips necklace from H&M
The most expensive item I own, a fabulous Vivienne Westwood clutch which my parents gave me, earrings - River Island, bangles - gifts  
ASOS Motherf*ckers which I LOVE
A beautiful Galibardy necklace, they are my favourite online shop for accessories!
Mini rings and peace sign thumb ring were from New Look and finger tip ring was from ASOS
My favourite shoes - they hurt SO bad though. They were from H&M's Inclusive range years ago. 
Huge square bangle was from Libertys years ago and was a gift from my Mummy, deer brooch from a local gift shop and the bow ring was from New Look
My FAVOURITE necklace - I wear it every week. It was from Galibardy, ring - Topshop 
Bangles - gifts and from ebay, earrings and ring - Topshop
1950s vintage bag, ring - ASOS
Necklace was gifted to me from You Earth Ash, bag - Topshop, ring - Accessorize, bangle - Libertys
Everything you see in this pic was from River Island. Love these prints!
My signature gold earrings - £1a pair from Dalston Market
Bag was from Topshop and the cut out boots were from Office available here ( my fave shoe shop) 
Primark spangly ring and dress
A snap I took ages ago of some of my statement necklaces. I have approx 14,000 more now though ....eeek!
So there you go guys, a little look at my jewellery collection.

Let me know what you think of these sorts of posts which show you more of the sorts of things I have at home/ like to collect. I hope it was a nice little insight.

Hope you are having a good week!!!


  1. Oh DanVan, let me root around in your drawers, please? Loooooove all of this espesh the Salt N Pepa earrings from the market. x

  2. Statement necklaces and hugeeee earrings are what I'm all about!! love your style xx

  3. I absolutely loved this post! Accessories have always been my weak spot and I always enjoy going through a virtual rummage in somebody's wardrobe. I also love the ring you're wearing with the 1950s bag, (which I love even more than the ring). With regard to being addicted to stuff, my own last two posts have been about minimalism and how much it gives me the pip.


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