A day with Topsy Curvy.

Over the last 6 or so months you will have noticed that I have spoken about the small, independent plus size company called Topsy Curvy on a number of occassions. The company is run by two best friends called Jo and Charlotte and they stock clothes in sizes 14 - 28 (with some styles going up to a 32)

I absolutely LOVE these two girls and what they offer us plus size ladies. They are quite frankly the nicest lasses I've met in a long time and they are extremely passionate about what they do. They run an online store but they also manage their lovely boutique which can be found in Whitefield, on the outskirts of Manchester. Check their website for directions etc.

After working together on a few occasions and getting to know each other via our social media platforms; the girls contacted me and invited me to their HQ for the day.

It was a very early start for me as I hoped on a flight from Devon to Manchester! I was up at 4am eeek!

After my flight, Jo and Charlotte met me and look at what was waiting for me in the airport car park....

The first treat of the day! It was so funny speeding down the motorway in this little car! We were laughing our heads off and we caught up, had the first of many gossip sessions and they told me what I had in store for the day.

Once we got to their HQ we had a BIG breakfast, washed down with plenty of Bucks Fizz... These girls know the way to my heart ha!

After we had finished breakfast it was time to check out their clothes! I walked round the store with the pair of them and I was able to pick anything I wanted to try on upstairs in their new Personal Shopping Suite. This is a new area in the shop where you can go, with up to 5 of your mates, chill out with a complimentary glass of bubbly (or a brew) whilst one of the in house stylists picks out outfits for you to try on! What a treat!!! Such a nice touch I think.

The girls were so good picking things out for me in my size and I kept piling more and more clothes onto their poor arms!

Upstairs in the Monroe Suite (where they offer a bra fitting service) they put my clothes onto a stand and one by one we went through each garment and I tried them all on.

I will do a separate post to show you guys what I tried on and give you a mini review for each garment.

After trying on the clothes and having my photo taken in all of them we chilled out in their Personal Shopping Suite, gossiped some more, drank Pink Fizz and got ready to go for lunch. The girls were so lovely and booked a table for us at a local restaurant called Slattery's known for their chocolate and desserts!

A glass or two of Prosecco...don't mind if I do!

Myself and Charlotte enjoying some fizz!
I pretended to be healthy by getting the salad but then had a fat dessert so that kind of  ruined that!
Some of the amazing desserts on display in Slatterys
The grand piano electronically played by itself and accompanied our lovely lunch
After lunch we headed back to the shop, I answered some interview questions for them, picked out some lovely clothes which the girls kindly gifted to me and we relaxed together with one of the girls who helps out in their shop called Beth.

Just before it was time for me to head to the airport, I took some snaps of the shop and the girls and then we headed off into the sunset so I could catch my plane home.

Charlotte, Beth and I
Charlotte, myself & Jo
I honestly had the best day. We get on so, so well and I didn't want to leave!! I cant wait to see the girls again and to try on all my lovely clothes and show them all to you. Watch out over the coming weeks for reviews and you can meet the girls in London if you are planning on going to British Plus Size Fashion Weekend - they will be having a stall in the Market Place. I definitely recommend going to see them and checking out their pieces.

Epically long post but I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to during my day with Topsy Curvy.


  1. Ahh looks like you had a banging day!!! Love them girls x x

  2. What an absolutely fabulous day!!! That car! The pretty clothes, just great! Oh and I bagsy that fresh cream muffin ; )


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