The importance of dressing for yourself, and no one else.

The way we dress is an extension of our personality, an extension of ourselves. I don't care if being obsessed with how I dress or being infatuated with clothes, is seen as shallow or frivolous. Nothing makes me happier than putting together an absolute belter of an outfit and walking out the house, knowing I've dressed totally for myself. 

When I'm wearing something that I love, I feel invincible. I feel like I can take on a daunting situation with a lot more confidence, I feel like I can stand out amongst the crowd and I feel like even amongst my skinnier compadres; I can hold my own (if not look better than anyyyy of them hahaha) 

Having self-esteem is soooo valuable. Knowing your worthbelieving in yourself (and your fashion choices) and talking to yourself in a non-critical way is really important. Telling yourself that 'you're too fat to wear that short skirt' or 'you're not "trendy" enough to wear that puffa jacket' are examples of talking yourself down and each time you tell yourself you're not worthy, you'll chip away at your esteem and you're letting everyone else out there, win. You are worthy, you bloody well CAN wear what you want and I'm here today to remind you of that!

Whether you're reading this and you're 16 or 56; please have some self-belief and listen to that voice inside your head that's telling you to grab the vinyl mini skirt or those banging, thigh high boots.

Part of my job as a blogger is to show you all that it's ok to be you, it's ok to make "wild" fashion choices and it's ok to experiment and have fun! Fashion is fast becoming a lot more accessible for those of us who are plus size so... embrace it. Look at blogs, the runways, editorial spreads and get inspired! Find an outfit you LOVE and make it your mission to make it work for your body type/size. 

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Every time I put together an outfit, like the one in this post, I do it for myself. I dress differently each day, depending on my mood and depending on where I'll be going. Stop putting limitations on yourself and stop thinking you're not allowed/trendy enough/thin enough to wear what you really want.

Do you, Honey!
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  1. Thank you Danielle for such a post ! I am trying to absorb that specially the idea that I am trendy enough to wear what I want and that my body has no limits when it comes to fashion. Xoxo


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