Need Fuller Figured Lingerie? Look No Further.

Hands up if you have ever personally felt victimised by the lack of attractive, stylish and dare I say it, sexy lingerie for those of us with big boobs? What about undies?... if you're plus size, you're alright if you like high waisted bottoms but what about those of us who want to flash a bit more flesh?

The variety of fashionable, statement undies for those of us who are fuller figured has in recent years begun to improve but I remember a time when I would squish my 38Gs into a bra that clearly didn't fit; just because there weren't the styles I wanted, available. 

A brand that has taken notable steps in trying to change the world of fuller figured lingerie is, Elomi. Elomi, in my opinion, has mastered the balance between sexy and wearable, very well. They offer great undies for those of us with more than a handful and in amongst the classic "staple" pieces, you can find sexy, bold bra's and knickers that stand out from the rest. Elomi has a great range of back sizes which I think is realllllly important, seeing as there aren't enough brands that cater for this. They also do the smaller back sizes but with bigger cups and I think this is great as we all deserve a set or five of beautiful undies!

This bra is seriously fierce, fiery and fashionable! The print is amazing! It's daring and bright and everything that other brands tend to shy away from. The three-section cup offers forward shaping, uplift and support and that's everything a fuller busted girl needs! As with the Bijou Flirt (all black set), this bra deserves to be seen so have a look in your wardrobe and start to imagine ways of wearing these types of bras on show!

This bra is matte black, with a smooth molded cup perfect for wearing hidden under your clothes or making a statement and wearing with a top/dress so that the amazing strapping detail is visible. I would wear this with a plunging neckline so the straps show, or under a cut out top. When lingerie is this beautiful, it deserves to be seen!

I can't get enough of the thick, yet uber comfortable bra straps, the wide back band and the attention to detail of this bra. I feel really well supported without it feeling frumpy or too restrictive. The set includes matching strappy briefs and I like that even though they are relatively high rise, the strapping makes them feel like they're little more daring. I LIVE in high waisted, full briefs... it's so nice to have a change!

A note about confidence 

Lots of people email me and ask me how I get my confidence. The truth is, you can't just acquire it overnight. You have to learn to love your body or even to simply just not hate, this is equally as important. You can't just swallow a pill and one day wake up and be over the moon with the body you've been given. It takes a lot of self-love, talking kindly to yourself about your body and understanding that none of us are meant to be perfect. It's important to not shame our own bodies as well as others.

I'm not going to lie...

I was rather apprehensive about doing these photos as I haven't been semi-naked online in ages, and posing for a bikini pic on holiday is one thing but getting it alllllll out in your bedroom in front of a photographer is another thing! I sent Jade (my photographer) a text before the shoot stressing that my stray bikini hairs would be visible, that my eczema is really bad at the moment, that my skin between my thighs is all blotchy...it was like I was pre-empting that these were the ONLY things I would notice, looking at the pictures of me. The truth is, I don't notice any of those things when I look at these images. I see a fat, beautiful, individual woman with a cracking set of tits and a soft, round belly that beats any memory foam pillow and that just because I have more fat on my body compared to someone else; it doesn't mean I don't deserve to feel incredible in nice lingerie!

Shop My Lingerie

1. Nicole Set (red and black)  / 2. Bijou Flirt (black)

If you think it's time to update your lingerie drawer, take a peek at Elomi's site and give their undies a try. You can find them online and instore and let me know in the comments below if you've tried this brand and what you think of their underwear!

*This post is sponsored by Wacoal but as ever, all opinions and words are my own. 

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing, I'll definitely check them out!
    You are a stunning woman and a great role model xx

  2. Girl....you look absolutely smokkkin, confident and oh SO sassy !! I am green with envy that the bra's don't come in my size (36C/D)....waaaaah ! Keep doin wot cha'doin coz you are rockin it BIG styleeee ! XxX

  3. You look great! And ty for sharing..i love those sets! I need a new bra that is sexy and actually fits like it should! Woohoo the little things in life! Lol


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