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As I previously mentioned, I am allllll about the comfort at the moment. Fashion is ever changing and it's fun to tap in and out of but let's be real, we all love our classic wardrobe staples and my wardrobe is over flowing with them at the moment. 

I wanted to show you todays outfit and show you that a lot of what I wear isn't ground breaking, it wouldn't turn any heads and it could be considered as quite basic?

Now, basic is in no way a bad thing. I love my casual, every day looks and it's easy to glam them up by adding a few accessories and a slick of lippy. During the week I tend to wear trainers as I'm running around London, going to lots of meetings and standing on my feet a fair bit. Come the weekend, I tend to bring out the chunky heels as I know that I'll probably be sitting a fair bit (god I love to sit), eating brunch and travelling via Ubers everywhere - no rushing around anywhere!

This look is my typical off-duty look and I hope you like it! 

Really digging my new Embroidered Parka by newly launched brand, AND/OR which you can buy exclusively at John Lewis. This brand isn't a plus size brand but as you can see, I've taken their XL jacket and made it work for my figure. There's plenty of room in this jacket, it's light and airy and I just love the embroidered details.

                                                                                                          Photography by JKGPhotography

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  1. Nothing you wear is ever basic because you're a complete babe! Looking fabulous, as ever. xx


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