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When I was younger, I lived in contact lenses and hated wearing my glasses. I just couldn't find a shape that suited me and there just wasn't the wide selection of frames that are available now a days. 
I had to stop wearing contacts religiously a few years ago because my Fibromyalgia gives me dry eyes and I struggle to wear lenses for more than a few hours now. This is where beautiful glasses come into play.

I make sure I treat my frames just like any other accessory I would wear. I take pride in finding fun, quirky frames and where better to do this from than the comfort of your own home?

If you have yet to enter the world of buying glasses online; take a look at my tips for finding the perfect pair for you.

1. Is your prescription up to date? If it isn't, you're going to find yourself falling at the first hurdle. Make sure you get your eyes tested at least once a year and keep a copy of your prescription to hand.

2. What's your budget? The best thing for me about buying glasses online is the huge savings you can make. I always, always buy my glasses online now because in comparison to your high street opticians; the prices are incredible. Pick a rough budget for yourself and shop around for frames in this price range. Lots of sites offer a guaranteed price match which is always useful.

3. Suits you, Sir! Like with anything you wear, fit is important. If you are new to buying online, finding frames that suit your face shape might seem daunting but there are lots of useful tips to finding the shape that suits you best. Firstly think...

4. What do you need your glasses for? Are they for style reasons? Will you be working out in them? Are they going to have to work with every outfit you wear? I wear my glasses every day so I chose a pair that go with everything and look great worn with daytime and night time outfits.

5. What's your face shape? We all have a different shaped face and although a 'face shape guide' is a helpful tool to use, you don't have to follow it precisely. If you like something, whether it's a pair of jeans or a pair of glasses; wear them! Lots of sites offer guides helping you to see if you have a round, oval, heart or square shaped face. 

6. Try before you buy! These days most of the online glasses retailers offer a great try before you buy virtual tool. This is such a good way to see what shapes and colours might suit your face/skin tone. 

7. Still can't decide? I suggest considering the try on at home services. Lots of stores offer a service where you can try on lots of empty frames at home, allowing you to find a style that suits and then you simply return them, tell them your preferred pair and they make those up for you using your prescription. It's a fun way to try on en mass! 

Don't forget ... 

8. Comfort is key! - When trying on frames, make sure they fit comfortably, they sit firmly on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears so that they don't slip off your face. No one wants a headache from wearing glasses that are too tight! 

9. Research is important - Shop around, try before you buy and don't forget to look at sites like Vision Direct that will give you heaps more tips for buying glasses online.

10. Return to Sender - Test drive your frames so that you know for sure that they are the glasses for you. If you feel like you might be indecisive; check the returns policy on the site so that you're in the know and you aren't caught out by any unfair returns policies. 

*This post is in collaboration with Vision Direct but as always, all words and opinions are my own.
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