10 Plus Size Faux Fur Coats for all budgets

Who else loves faux fur? I know I've got two hands up right now! I love that it's getting chillier here in the UK and that it's faux fur season! I've yet to wear an entire faux fur coat yet but I have delved into the world of fur trims and OMG have you seen the faux fur bombers that are out at the moment!? 

When it get's super cold I can't wait to rock the Elvi Patchwork Faux Fur Coat that I recently shot in my AW16 Danielle Vanier Elvi Edit. If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter I am sure you will have seen all the Elvi shots we recently took... what a dream come true! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post featuring all the shots/videos we took. But for the mean time; here's one featuring their beaut jacket! 

Whether you like full on faux fur or just a touch... I've got you covered

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