Waiting Game

Something a little different for me in this outfit. First of all, I'm wearing jeans - ripped jeans at that! Secondly, I am wearing trainers. It's only taken me like 20 or so years to join the Adidas party... I'm so lame right? Better late than never I guess?!

The bottom half of this outfit I'd say is heavily inspired by my bestie, Callie. She loves a ripped jean and pair of Adidas Superstars doesn't she! I've tried to find ripped jeans, or just black jeans in general for ages and I always struggle. I should have listened to Callie when she said her fave pair were from Evans (here) but I saw these and loved how many rips they had in them.

These particular ripped jeanson the surface look fab but I am sad to say that I am 50/50 on them.
Things I love about them: The rips themselves are great!
The fit round the waist and hips is spot on.
The wash of the jeans is nice and dark.

Things I dislike about the jeans:
The length of them. I am too short and had to roll them up loads and I wish they were nice and tight on my ankle.

Photography by JKGPhotography


1. Jacket | 2. Ripped Jeans | 3. Adidas Trainers | 4. White T-shirt

So, I am still on the hunt of my perfect pair of ripped jeans... Me and jeans just don't get on that well! 

Anyway, I don't want to be a negative Nancy because I LOVE this outfit in general (especially this main range ASOS jacket which reminds me of a modern day camo print) and I am so happy with how the pictures have come out. I love the colour palette of the outfit vs backdrop and I can safely say I am now an Adidas trainer fan.

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