Flirting with Florals

Back in the day I was obsessed with prints and most noticeably, floral prints. I worked as a Print Designer so I was surrounded by printed everything and if I was going out for the night; you'd always see me in a floral bodycon dress. 

Fast forward a few years and although I still love prints I've noticed I wear them a lot less. I'm not sure why this is the case, I haven't ditched them altogether though. I still love to introduce prints into my outfits even if the main garment is plain. A lovely example of this is the floral embroidered hem maxi dress I am sporting in todays outfit post. The floral detail adds a little something something to this relatively simple mesh dress don't you think? 

Photographs by JKGPhotography 


I am quite picky when it comes to prints and maybe I am just not taken by any of the printed offerings at the moment. I loved them last year when I was obsessed with the 70s trend but at the moment; I'm just not really a fan. Let's see what happens when more of the AW16 items hit the shops!

To print or not to print? This is the question...
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