Pink Champagne Edit

There's a fashion blogger over on Instagram that I am obsessed with. Her name is Alicia Roddy and my god: she's a babe.

What I love about Alicia is the fact she has such a strong 'brand' identity. I now actually walk around a shop and think "Alicia would wear that" ... kinda creepy but kinda sweet no? I mean, you lot do it to me with anything pineapple related or Aperol related and I love it, so yeah... Alicia if you ever read this; I think you're a babe, your highlight is amazing & you've inspired this edit.

If you check her Instagram out you'll see that she is obsessed with pinks/dirty pink/salmon/rose type colours and it got me thinking. We don't often see a lot of these types of pinks in plus size fashion. I've followed her for over a year and I've been on the look out for these shades and it wasn't until this season that I actually found some great plus size options in these shades - Huzzah! 

Here is a little edit of pieces I have fallen in love with and I feel like these shades will become my key colours this "summer"/autumn... 
*If we ever get any sun that is! 

- Click pictures to shop the edit - 

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  1. All over this colour! A fabulous edit babe!



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