Ignore the labels

Raise your hand if you wish you could shop in Topshop. Who would dress in head to toe Zara if they could fit into their clothes? I know I would love to be able to buy clothes from these stores on a regular basis but sadly as a plus size girl; they don't generally cater for the fat!

We have come a long way in terms of the amount of places we can shop but sometimes I trawl the straight size shops online weeping at the array of beautiful clothes available to the skinnier girls. I always spot things online that say 'Oversize' or 'XL' but because I have NO clue what my measurements are I never know if they are going to fit me or not! 

I do most of my shopping online but when I do hit the shops - I always look round stores that generally don't cater for my chub body. Why do I do this you might ask? Well, you never know what you might find! Shops such as Monki, H&M, COS and even Topshop, Zara and River Island always have gems hidden away that fit my size 20 body.

Here are my top tips for shopping in a store that doesn't normally cater to your size:

1. Ignore the labels! - If you looked in my wardrobe you'd see sizes ranging from a size UK 10 to size 28! Companies are mad, their sizing can sometimes be well off. Head into a shop you've always loved and get stuck in. 

2. Try shit on - How will you know if that size 12 oversize jacket fits or not?
You'll never know if you don't try! I bought this Topshop jacket the other day, I fit into a UK10. A TEN! 

3. Cut the label out - If the size label is such an issue you for you, cut it out! You won't have to look at it every time you put it on. Personally the size on the label doesn't mean anything to me, I'm just concerned whether I look fly in it or not!

4. Figure your measurements out - I need to follow my own advice on this one! If you know what your bust, hips and waist measurements are you'll be able to look at the size chart that comes with the garment & you'll be able to have a clearer idea whether it'll fit or not.

5. Keep your eyes peeled for - items with stretch, elasticated waist lines, boxy cuts, the oversize fit and jackets such as kimonos and dusters that you don't need to do up. River Island have always been my go to for jackets and outerwear, way before they bought out a plus size range. 

Plus size friendly items in store now! 

Keep your eyes peeled for my next outfit post which shows exactly why you should ignore the labels! 
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  1. I absolutely loved reading this post, I think people get very weary about labels it puts off people from shopping when they're faced with sizes that are bigger than what they usually wear as well!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  2. Completely agree with this - to the point that I've stopped shopping by labels and, frequently take 4 different sizes to the changing rooms with me. There is so little standard in the size of things that means my wardrobe features items from a size 12 straight through to a 22 ... really, sizes just aren't a real thing!

    C x

    1. Its true isn't it! Sizing is so off in so many places! xx

  3. What a nice post. Love it! Thank you for say this to all us women with curves. if you not already know of the brand weekday, you should tjek it out. I know you are a big fan of monki, so am I, but I love weekday even more. There sizes go up to a L but some of their clothes I can were a M and S ´and my size is 22/20. they have stores but I don’t know if there are a store where you come from, but they have an online shop and you can also find it on asos. By the way, I love your stile! Thanks for you! <3

    1. Oh Yes I love Weekday! I must remember to look at them more often! Thank you for reminding me! xx


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